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Green is not just for children anymore. Many people underestimate the color green and what it can do for your home. It is not only beautiful, but it’s diverse and customizable to your taste. Stick with subdued and muted tones to create a mature look while keeping a sense of whimsy. Above all, do not be afraid to play with color. It is even said that green brings a sense of ambition, freshness, and harmony. Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day from Indoor City. Think Green!



  • Easy Option, #533 Everglade
  • Easy Option, #527 Oasis Green
  • Easy Option, #528 Spanish Moss
    • All of these are 100% SmartStrand Ultra BCF Triexta


  • Silestone, Blanco Orion
  • Silestone, Stellar Black
  • Silestone, Dreis


  • ENCORE Ceramics Versailles Mosaic blend
  • Helen Mosaic


  • Mirage Admiration Collection, Nordic Maple (5” wide, Semi-Gloss finish)


  • SW 7631 City Loft
  • SW 6385 Dover White
  • SW 6177 Softened Green

Think Green For Saint Patty’s Day – And For Your Home!

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Indoor City

Our BACA SawJet System

At the beginning of 2017, Indoor City Granite & Marble took a giant leap in the world of countertop fabrication with the purchase of our BACA SawJet System. Lovingly nicknamed Chewy by our team of designers, this piece of state-of-the-art machinery has transformed our countertop fabrication shop and the granite, marble and Quartz products we are able to offer our customers on a daily basis.

Meet Curt

Behind the day-to-day operations of this piece of machinery is Curt Sellard. Curt is a loyal Indoor City employee (having been with us for 8 years). Curt previously worked at Banta Tile & Marble for 30 years, which Indoor City bought the assets of in 2010. With 38 years of experience in granite fabrication, Curt diligently took on the role of learning the ins and outs of operating Chewy’s fabrication capabilities.

Having a big interest in cinematography, Curt jumped at the opportunity to enter BACA’s Robo SawJet Video Contest where he creatively made this informational (and entertaining!) video about Chewy. That’s not all – he proudly brought home the first place prize and also won “most unique video” in the contest.

We couldn’t be more proud of Curt’s accomplishments. He is a valued member of the Indoor City family and we appreciate his dedication and work ethic.

Check out Curt’s video! You won’t be disappointed.


If you would like to know more about Indoor City, or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Robo SawJet Video Contest

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Indoor City

If you ever watch HGTV, you are definitely familiar with the term “subway tile.” Subway tile (by definition) is “a style of white glazed ceramic tile, as used on the walls of the New York City subway stations in the early twentieth century, especially the 3″ × 6″ size then used.”

In the design world, white subway tile is used all over the home from kitchen backsplashes to shower walls. However, did you know that subway tiles are also available in many natural stones such as marble, travertine & even limestone? Introducing a 3×6 stone into a kitchen backsplash gives a much different design element than the smooth, glossy feel of a traditional subway tile.

Carrara Marble, Silver Travertine, and Coastal Sands Limestone

In this kitchen, we paired a Tumbled Silver Travertine 3×6 with Casa Imperiale granite countertops. The natural color variation in the Silver Travertine picked up all of the beautiful colors in the granite and contrasted nicely from the soft white cabinetry. We love how it turned out!

Our Designers at Indoor City can always help with your interior design project! Contact us to make an appointment or stop by our Lancaster showroom and we will show you the latest in subway tile and other new products that will make your room special.

Natural Stone Subway Tiles

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Indoor City

This month we are going to feature one of our favorite installers: Chris Floyd!

A Skilled Professional

Chris has been working in the carpentry trade for over 30 years. He began his career at the age of 15 doing concrete and masonry work. Later on in his career he gained experience installing ceramic tile, hardwood and vinyl.

How Long has Chris Worked with Indoor City?

Chris has been working with Indoor City for over 15 years!

Favorite Type of Project?

Chris is an extremely talented installer, with ample experience installing hardwood, vinyl and ceramic with Indoor City. Chris loves getting assigned to custom projects, specifically projects that involve intricate detail. Custom tile and hardwood jobs are a few of his favorites!

Favorite Food?

Thai Food

Favorite Flooring Product?

Armstrong Alterna, Enchanted Forest, Grouted LVT

Featuring One of Chris’ Installation with Alterna Enchanted Forest, LVT, In the Colors: Tender Twig, Night Owl, Tender Twig

Fun Fact

Chris has been to Las Vegas 3 times to compete in tournaments for the American Pool League Association. He competed one time playing 8 ball and twice playing 9 ball pool, his last visit was in 2008.

  If you would like to know more about Indoor City, or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Installer Spotlight: Chris Floyd

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Indoor City

How long have you worked at Indoor City?
I have been a designer for Indoor City since June of 2014. How would you describe your personal design aesthetic? Classic with a rustic glam influence. I definitely like mixing antiques with new pieces and throwing in a lot of mercury glass and luminous objects.
  What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on during your time at Indoor City? I honestly don’t have a particular favorite, every project is so unique that I appreciate the outcome and final result of all projects.
  What made you want to be a designer? Growing up, my mom always had a good vision for, and interest in design, and it eventually wore off on me after dragging me to numerous parade of homes, fabric/furniture stores and antique markets.
  Tell us a fun fact about yourself? I once went to a taping of the Maury Povich show in NYC. During the show, I got to dance with him on stage for the filming of a new intro.
  Describe your perfect pizza? Pat’s Blanco pizza

  If you would like to work with Megan or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Designer Spotlight: Megan Zaun-Herr

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Indoor City

How long have you worked at Indoor City?
I have been here 3 Weeks 🙂 

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?
My personal design would be Country Chic. I like Rustic woods with a light/bright color pallet. A warm and cozy feel to a home is what I always like to achieve.
  What made you want to be a designer? When I was a child I was always moving furniture around, creating new ideas in a space. I love architecture and space planning. Taking a space and trying to fit all the pieces together like a puzzle. I decided to put a degree behind that eye for design.
  Tell us a fun fact about yourself?
love spending time with my family and friends. My other half, Conor and my furry baby, a Chocolate Lab named Briley. I have ran 2 Half Marathons and many 5 and 10K’s. I love to travel and try to explore new areas. 


Designer Spotlight: Heather Vance

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Indoor City

How long have you worked at Indoor City?
It will be 1 year on November 7th!
How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?
My personal design aesthetic could best be described as Traditional Glam with an eclectic twist. .  

What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on during your time at Indoor City?
My favorite project that I worked on was a kitchen remodel. My client came to me, totally ready to revamp her kitchen. Together we worked through all of the necessary details, ultimately, bringing her dream kitchen to a reality. We chose a soft, off-white color called Creamy White from Sherwin Williams for her perimeter cabinets. For her island, we selected Province Blue from Benjamin Moore to add interest and create a focal point. For the backsplash, we selected an organic looking, white subway tile and incorporated a coordinating arabesque tile, picture framed above the cook top. We chose a warm wood-look luxury vinyl tile for her flooring and a quartz material, called marabella white, for her countertops.




What made you want to be a designer?
Growing up as a kid, my parents were always very passionate about taking us on vacations that

would give us some sort of educational insight. Many of our trips involved touring the past Presidents’ homesteads or historical sites, which not only gave me some great exposure to Early-American architecture, but ultimately sparked my interest for design. One summer specifically, we

went to Newport Rhode Island where we toured The Breakers Mansion, one of the Vanderbilt Family’s many homes. (The Vanderbilt’s were a prominent American family, who during the turn of the century were largely influential in establishing America’s shipping and railroad industry) Experiencing this particular Vanderbilt Mansion,

designed in the Italian renaissance style, was definitely what made me know that I wanted to be a designer, and more specifically an interior designer. This 70-room mansion clad with all types of lavish materials, everywhere from platinum leaf to exotic marble, truly made me fall in love with the idea of creating spaces that could be inspiring.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself. 
I recently started teaching myself how to play the ukulele.


Describe your perfect pizza.
I believe that all pizzas are created equal, however my perfect pizza would have a gluten free crust and lots of cheese!

If you would like to work with Emily or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Designer Spotlight: Emily Fella

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Indoor City

Although choosing your tile may be a difficult decision, another crucial decision is choosing the appropriate grout for your tile installation. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right grout, such as color, durability/cleanability, grout joint size, type of tile and surface.

Most grout types come in a vast range of colors, making the coordination between grout color and tile color feasible. There are even grouts with a sparkle quality including products such as Laticrete, Spectralock, Dazzle, Bostik, Dimension and Custom Fusion Pro. These glittering grouts are perfect for a glass tile installation. In picking grout colors, another important factor to take into account is contrast. Often times adding a little contrast with your grout selection is a great way to spruce up your tile schematic. If you choose to use a white subway, perhaps consider using a light or dark gray grout to create some contrast and interest with the grout joints. If the tile you are working with is of natural stone, typically from a design stand point, picking a grout that blends with the stone and does not take away from its natural qualities is suggested.

When it comes to grout, there are two main types, sanded and unsanded. An unsanded grout is typically used when the grout joint is 1/8th of an inch or less. The use of an unsanded grout is suggested when the tile is made of a scratch susceptible material such as glass or a polished natural stone such as marble. A sanded grout is appropriate when you are working with a larger grout joint, larger than 1/8th of an inch. Typically grout joints this large are used in flooring applications.

An additional type of grout is an epoxy grout. Epoxy grout consists of an epoxy resin and a hardener. Epoxy grout is highly resistant to staining and chemicals and has a very high bonding strength, making it virtually maintenance free. Using an epoxy grout is pertinent in certain tile applications such as steam showers.

For help choosing the perfect grout for your tile project, any of our designers here at the Indoor City Showroom would be more than happy to assist!

To find more information about these products, please visit


What You Need to Know About Grout

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