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Shannon Hockenberry

 An Innovative Installation System For Tile & Stone

When it comes to tile installations, there are so many bits and pieces that it can make your head spin. Tile, thin set, decorative accents, moldings, bullnose, grout…… the list could go on and on. Have you ever heard of Schluter? Schluter is an innovative installation system for tile & stone. They offer crack suppression membranes, waterproofing systems and shower drains. They also have a whole line of “profiles” – which are alternatives to bullnose for terminating tile!

Today we’re going to take a quick look at my favorite profile that Schluter offers: the Quadec!

Photo from Schluter

is ‘a finishing and edge protection profile for tiled edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces, and is distinguished by its squared reveal surface.’ Not only does it protect tile edges from chipping, it also offers a sleek design aesthetic for any installation. It is versatile because it can be used on inside or outside corners!

Schluter Quadec is available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, PVC, as well as textured and color-coated aluminum (<—- my favorite). The Trendline Collection offers neutral and modern colors that coordinate with many tile offerings! It’s easy to find a Quadec profile to compliment your tile choice. You can learn more about the Quadec and other profiles on Schluter’s website.

Some of my favorite recent installations utilize a Schluter Quadec profile instead of traditional bullnose. What do you think?

Our Design Team at Indoor City can show you Schluter Quadec and many other options for your tile project! Visit our showroom and we can make your shower special!

Schedule a design consultation with Shannon, or contact any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help when it comes to tile design.

Schluter Quadec For Shower Tile & Stone

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Shannon Hockenberry

Tile showers are a huge part of what we do here at Indoor City! There are many considerations and steps in planning the perfect tiled shower for your space. Size, layout, tile selections, fixtures… you name it! It can be an overwhelming process. Our team of talented designers are here to help you from the planning phase all the way through installation.

A little detail in a tiled shower that can make a BIG impact is the shower niche. A shower niche is a recessed cubby in your shower walls that is meant for holding soaps, shampoos and other shower goodies.


The Preformed Shower Niche

Many shower niches (like the Schluter Kerdi Niches pictured above) come as preformed units that are installed between your studs (standard 16” on center) during a shower tile installation. The finished niche is typically 12” wide. They are offered in varying heights – some with additional shelves! These niches come waterproofed and prepped for tile. Check out some of the niches we’ve installed using preformed units.


The Custom Tile Shower Niche

If the preformed sizes just don’t work for you, another option would be to have your builder or contractor frame out a custom sized shower niche. This would happen during the framing process of your shower (or would require modification to your existing studs). During the tiling phase, our installers would board in and waterproof your custom niche to prep it for tile. A custom tile niche can really make an impact in your shower (and can offer a bigger ledge for all of your shower products).



Tile Shower Niche Considerations

There are many details to consider when planning for a shower niche. Here are seven questions to ask yourself before you start:

  1. How big do I need my shower niche to be?
  2. How tall are my shampoo bottles?
  3. What do I plan to keep in my niche?
  4. Do I need 1 shelf? Or 2? Or more?
  5. Do I want my niche to be the decorative accent in the shower? Should it have an accent tile?
  6. Do I want my niche to blend in with the shower walls and be more functional than anything?
  7. What type of shelves (tile or solid surface) do I want in my niche?

We love customizing tile niches to fit your needs and design styles. We hope you can find some inspiration here for your next shower project!

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Find Your Niche – A Look At The Tile Shower Niche

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Shannon Hockenberry

I was sitting in Copper Cup Coffee (a local Lancaster coffee shop) feeling totally relaxed and happy when it hit me… this place makes me feel good! But why!?

Copper Cup Coffee (inspiration)


I stopped for a minute and thought, “what is it about this place (other than their delicious coffee)!?” I realized a few things: I loved the natural elements: light wood tones, lush green plants, concrete, soft paint colors and bright natural light. Since I can’t necessarily turn your home into THIS coffee shop, I’ve put together a design pallet inspired by the aesthetic of my new favorite place.

A – Shaker-style cabinet in Natural Maple

B – Caesarstone “Sleek Concrete” quartz countertop

C – AKDO 2X8 “Arctic White” clear glass tile

D – MSI Kenzi series Mixana hexagon

E – DuChateau Vernal Collection “Lugano” European Oak engineered hardwood


Maybe this exact design pallet isn’t for you, but my point of this post is to encourage you to pull inspiration for your home from your favorite places and other beautiful areas around you. Inspiration can be found everywhere!

Design Inspiration Can Be Found All Around You

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Shannon Hockenberry

This time of year always sparks a little DIY fire in my soul. It’s fun & easy to make holiday decorations for your home and I’ve rounded up a few cute projects to tackle now that the weather has gotten chillier. Grab a cup of coffee, your hot glue gun, and get crafty!

| DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Tree

I remember growing up doing a lot of projects with felt in art class. This adorable DIY brings back some of those memories! I especially love the rustic feel that the stacked wood slices give.


| Deer Wood Slice Ornaments 

Speaking of wood slices… these adorable ornaments are perfect little crafts you can do with the whole family. Use a variety of patterns to really personalize each ornament!


| DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Okay, how adorable are these mini Christmas wreaths? This is a great little DIY you can use as stocking stuffers, or even little trinkets to add to a gift bag!


| Pinecone Christmas Trees

Put those corks to good use with these little pinecone Christmas trees. You may not even have to buy anything to do this project!


Kid-Friendly DIY Crafts:

| Minion Homemade Christmas Ornament

We know how minion obsessed some of your little ones are! Here is a VERY easy DIY ornament you can do with them!


| Ski Ornaments 

It’s always so fun to have ornaments that speak to every family member’s personality. Give your ski savvy mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother… this DIY ski ornament!


| Birdseed Christmas Ornament

It’s always fun to decorate the inside of the house for the holidays, but it’s the people who take it outside that really know how to do the holidays right! This Christmas tree birdseed ornament is definitely a step in the right direction.


| Peanut Snowman Ornament 

Make this cute little peanut ornament with your little peanut! A happy Christmas tree is filled with memory filled ornaments made by your little ones.



Holiday DIY & Crafts

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Shannon Hockenberry

The lasting beauty of your new stone countertop depends on a few simple and easy rules. Enjoy your new countertop that will not warp, fade or shrink. Being one of the hardest materials on earth, it is also heat and scratch resistant

Granite & Marble Preservation & Care

Indoor City professionally applies a sealer to your tops upon installation. This sealer creates a barrier which helps to eliminate moisture penetration, prevent staining, and blocks bacteria growth.
The frequency for re-sealing depends on the amount of use. An easy “rule of thumb” is to closely monitor the area around the sink. If you begin to notice water that does not bead up or soaks into the stone within 15 minutes, it is probably time to re-seal. Applying a sealer is as simple as wiping it on and wiping it off. We recommend that you reseal your stone once per year.

  •   Do NOT cut directly on tops with knives or other tools.
  •   Do not drop or pound heavy or sharp items on surface.
  •   Avoid putting hot items on your countertops as they may burn your sealer, making it susceptible to staining
  •   Avoid exposing your granite and marble to oils, citric acids, oven cleaners, nail polish remover, or other similar solvents for long periods of time due to the possibility of staining.

Granite & Marble Cleaning
  •   For daily cleaning, only a mild, dish soap and water are required.
  •   Use a washcloth as a sponge can leave streaks on the polished surface.
  •   Clean spills immediately.
  •   Do NOT use bleach, vinegar, lemon juice, paint strippers, oven or drain cleaners or other cleaners containing acids or ammonia such as Windex.
  •   Avoid abrasive scouring pads, powders and liquids. These may dull the finish, damage the surface and be detrimental to the sealer.
  •   For a daily maintenance, we recommend Dupont’s Stone Tech products. The Revitalizer, available in spray and convenient wipes cleans, seals and cleans all in one.

Revitalizer, sealer, and many more stone maintenance products are available at Indoor City.

Maintenance Tips: Countertops

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Shannon Hockenberry

When Dick & Rena came to see me about their new master bathroom, they were looking for a design their grandkids would enjoy when they came to visit. They also wanted it to feel natural, warm & inviting. The bold pebble accent on the shower wall gives the feel of river stones flowing down the wall and spilling out onto the shower floor. The coordinating wall tile pulls together all of the warm natural tones they were looking for. Their quartz countertop is beautiful, easy to maintain and was also used in the shower as the seat, half wall cap & shower curb. This added a level of cohesiveness to the space, and tied together their design beautifully. I hope they (and their grandkids) enjoy this bathroom for years to come!

Product list

Quartz countertop: Cambria “Windermere”

Tile floor: Bordeaux “Creme” 13×13

Shower wall tile: Bordeaux “Creme” 13×13

Pebble floor & accent: Beachstone Ripple “Cream”

Pebble Accented Bathroom

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Shannon Hockenberry

Meet Samantha!

Introducing another wonderful member of the Indoor City family, Samantha is an interior designer that has an eye for modern-chic designs. She loves being able to work with a client to design a project, and to see how the design progresses into a livable space. Here is a little bit about Samantha, and her take on hardwood!

How did you get into designing?

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember, but I actually began taking interior design classes in high school and fell in love with it there. It was a great way to take my artistic abilities and turn them into something real and useful. From there I studied interior design in college and jumped right in to the design field after graduation.

What is your favorite part about designing?

My favorite part about designing is getting to see a project through to the end. It is always satisfying when you get to see your projects finished and in use by the homeowners.

What do you find inspiration in when you design?

When I am getting started with a project, many times I find myself browsing Pinterest or Houzz for ideas. I also enjoy looking at design and architecture magazines.

Describe hardwood in three words.

Natural, rich, unique.


Dark wood or light?

Light. I prefer to keep the space feeling airy and bright by using lighter hardwood floors.


What is your favorite hardwood project?

One of my favorite hardwood projects that I have worked on is this house photographed below. This warm grey stain color is very popular right now, and the soft color of this floor worked great with the other finishes in this house.


What is your favorite part about working with hardwood?

I like the fact that it is a natural product and has such beautiful variation. I love that every piece is different. It can sometimes make the floor feel like a work of art.


Which hardwood line is your favorite?

My current favorite product is a new hardwood line from Anderson Floors, called Bernina Maple/Hickory. It comes in two wood species, maple and hickory, and uses an interesting new staining technique that makes the edges appear darker, giving the wood a lot of character. The colors within the line include some contemporary greys, but also some natural wood tones as well.


What are some design tips you can give about choosing the right wood?

I think one of the most important factors in choosing the right wood for your space is to determine who is going to be using the space, and how much use it will get. For instance, if you are looking to put hardwood in your entire downstairs and you have a 75 pound dog, I would recommend not selecting a hardwood that has a smooth, glossy finish and instead select something with a textured finish instead.

Meet Samantha!

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Shannon Hockenberry

Meet Amanda!

Amanda is one of our many talented designers here at Indoor City. Our designers are a big part of who we are, and we want to make sure everyone has the chance to get to know each one. Amanda is also a window treatment specialist who loves to find new and creative trends. See where she finds inspiration and read her thoughts on tile!

How did you get into designing?

I’ve always had an interest in art, though I was not a natural-born fine artist. I found my calling for Interior Design in high school, when I concentrated most on art and architecture classes. I really enjoyed working with color, and how I could combine my artistic interests with my natural ability to problem solve and think through processes.


What do you find inspiration in when you design?

I tend to browse websites like Houzz and Pinterest regularly, always looking for new things that catch my eye and different ways that people are using materials. The internet is a great resource, and now that you can subscribe to digital magazines, I have everything I need right at my fingertips, anytime I want it!


What are some of the projects that come to mind that have incorporated tiles?

I have had a strange obsession with pebble tiles on shower floors ever since I designed a shower with wood-look tile on the shower walls and flat pebbles on the shower floor. It came together really well, and we finished off the shower with some nice olive limestone accessories.


What has your experience been like with tile?

I enjoy designing with tile because there are SO many ways to customize the look for a homeowner. One of my favorite places to get creative is a kitchen backsplash. One of the most overlooked, smallest tileable areas in a home. Sometimes customers walk into the showroom and ask “Can you show me tile for a backsplash?” and I’m almost taken back, because there’s really nothing you CAN’T use on a backsplash. Now, size.. aesthetics.. sure, that’s where I can help direct customers to the right product. But the options for backsplash tile are really endless.


What is your favorite tile line?

I really like the glass tiles from Lunada Bay, especially the Tozen line. The way the colors swirl inside the clear glass tiles, remind me of an artist’s brushstrokes. It’s soft, yet impactful when used as an accent wall in a shower, or by itself as a backsplash. There are also a lot of different patterns and colors, which I really like.


What are some design tips you can give about choosing a tile/ installing tile/ maintaining tile?

I’m noticing more homeowners interested in low maintenance tile, especially in bathrooms, so I’m designing with porcelain tiles a lot. Finding the right grout is also a big thing to consider. The wrong grout color can wreck a great tile install. Also, considering how the grout will need maintained, and most homeowners are opting for the low maintenance option of premixed latex/acrylic grouts.

One of my favorite new things with grout- is the Dimensions grout by Bostik. Dimensions, just like the name, adds a dimensional look to the grout. Instead of being a flat solid color like most cement-based grouts, this grout uses small glass beads as its colorant which gives a softer, almost shimmery look.

                                                                    |Regular Grout                                               |Dimensions Grout

Meet Amanda!

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