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Green is not just for children anymore. Many people underestimate the color green and what it can do for your home. It is not only beautiful, but it’s diverse and customizable to your taste. Stick with subdued and muted tones to create a mature look while keeping a sense of whimsy. Above all, do not be afraid to play with color. It is even said that green brings a sense of ambition, freshness, and harmony. Have a happy St. Patrick’s Day from Indoor City. Think Green!



  • Easy Option, #533 Everglade
  • Easy Option, #527 Oasis Green
  • Easy Option, #528 Spanish Moss
    • All of these are 100% SmartStrand Ultra BCF Triexta


  • Silestone, Blanco Orion
  • Silestone, Stellar Black
  • Silestone, Dreis


  • ENCORE Ceramics Versailles Mosaic blend
  • Helen Mosaic


  • Mirage Admiration Collection, Nordic Maple (5” wide, Semi-Gloss finish)


  • SW 7631 City Loft
  • SW 6385 Dover White
  • SW 6177 Softened Green

Think Green For Saint Patty’s Day – And For Your Home!

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Heather Vance

Spring is in the air, birds are chirping and the sun is feeling stronger. Now is the time we come out of our winter hibernation and start thinking about our homes and renovating. Fear not, a home renovation can be a daunting process but here are some survival tips on making it through the process.

Mentally Prepare Yourself for Chronic Chaos.

When working on a home you never know what you may run into. Newer homes tend to lead to less problems, but when you get to older homes there can be many mysteries under those finishes. Be patient and expect things to be a little nutty. Older homes didn’t have to be built to the same codes and standards that we have today.

Take Steps to Minimize the Spread of ALL THAT DUST!

There is going to be dust and a ton of it. Take all your small items out of cabinets, books off book shelves, and put them all away in boxes. Store these boxes in an area of your home that will not be worked on. Cover all furniture with old sheets that can be easily washed after. Many times, your contractor will put up plastic sheet to help keep the dust in the area they are only working it. This will help, but it still finds its way out, unfortunately. By putting all your items away and covering things, this will help the cleanup process in the end.

Prepare Yourself to Make Quick Decisions

You are in the middle of your bathroom tear out, you had planned on moving a wall, and you run into a mystery pipe. Don’t worry! Being ready to make those quick decisions will help you with things like this. Have a list of plumbers, electricians and HVAC companies on hand (if you are doing this on your own). A contractor will be able to take care of most of these items for you. They will still consult with you, so be ready to make some executive decisions.

Get Your Material EARLY!

There is nothing worse then being about 95% done with a project and then you run out of something. Order your material EARLY and order extra. It is always good to have extra material left when the job is completed. Items become discontinued so if something were to happen to your floor for example, in the future, it’s nice to have those extra pieces around.

Renovating a home is a fun and stressful process all wrapped up into one. Don’t ever feel overwhelmed! Schedule an appointment with one of the designers at Indoor City and we are more then happy to answer any of your questions!

Surviving a Home Renovation

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Scheffey Digital

Indoor City is excited to announce the addition of the Kalaty collection of fine, hand-woven area rugs. These carpets are available in a myriad of colors, sizes and styles, primarily fabricated in wool. The range of looks vary from the traditional to modern and include southwestern and transitional motifs. Offered in an assortment of sizes with quick shipment availability, these products are a home owners dream come true! Please stop in to view the samples we have on display or order a sample for approval. It’s a magic carpet ride!

Kalaty Rug Collection

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Indoor City

Whether you are looking to renovate your residential or commercial space, hardwood is a reliable, “solid” (or engineered) choice.  Hardwood lends itself to a permanence to the interior and has been a popular choice for centuries.

Natural hardwood, in either a solid or engineered construction, desires a loving relationship with a caregiver.  Here are 10 ways to say I Love You:

  1.  Be a Doormat.

Walk off mats at doorways are the first line of defense for removing damaging particles that can have very negative effects on your lovely hardwood.  The best practice is to remove your shoes altogether.  Kiss them goodbye once inside the door.

  1. Leave the Stiletto Shoes.

The pressure on the heal of a stiletto of a 5-foot, 110-pound woman is equivalent to the weight of an elephant.  Stilettos will pierce your hardwood causing dents and dings no matter the species of the hardwood and regardless if the construction is solid or engineered.  Break up with the stilettos.

  1. Felt Pads Forever.

Be sure all chairs, furniture, furnishings, and accessories have felt pads applied to the bottom of the leg/base.  Touch up markers, stain pens and furniture repair kits go a long way in apologizing to your hardwood for blemishes.


  1. Tender Loving Care.

Your hardwood loves to be touched and caressed by proper cleaning methods.  Remove dust, dirt and debris with a microfiber dusting mop (no sprays!) or the hard surface cleaning attachment on your vacuum system.  Use the manufacturer recommended cleaner for your hardwood.  Some manufacturers will require you to use their cleaner, which, will partner with their finish.  If you are not directed to use a specific manufacturers cleaner, Bona Hardwood Cleaner is recommended.  Not following proper cleaning methods can cause your hardwood to haze.

  1. Love Is in the Air.

The air quality of your home provides the stability of your relationship with your hardwood.  Ambient air should be maintained 24/7/365 at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 to 50% humidity.  Say I Love You to your hardwood by keeping the doors and windows closed allowing your HVAC to stabilize the air.  This is also best practices for ALL wood including kitchen cabinetry and furniture.

  1. Puppy Love.

A dog’s nails can be very damaging to your charming hardwood.  Just like the ladies love a good pedicure, we should also include this service for our beloved dogs.  Keep the nails trimmed.

  1. Stand Up to Standing Water.

Even though natural hardwood has been harvested and turned into admirable planks, hardwood flooring is still a living organism that is seeking to drink up moisture wherever it can find it.  Standing water quenches thirst.  Clean up standing water as soon as possible.

  1. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

As much as we all love the beauty and warmth that natural hardwood brings, natural hardwood is not for all homeowners and all situations.  If your family is active with children, potbelly pigs, chickens and dogs running through your space, hardwood may not be the best choice for you.  The flooring industry is flooded with beautiful hardwood looks that will be just as effective.  A natural hardwood alternative is not considered cheating.

8 Ways to Say I Love You to your Hardwood Floor this Valentine’s Day:

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Corinne Gilbert

What makes a house a home?
Your own taste, style, traditions, and treasures shared with the family and friends you love.

We all celebrate this time of year with various foods, decorations, and comforts. Making your home as comfortable and welcoming as possible without stress is key to enjoying this season of gatherings and good will. At Indoor City we strive to aid you in the vision you have to create an environment that reflects and respects your personal lifestyle.

Whether you enjoy formal parties and dinners or drop-ins with football, we will honor your dreams of what you feel is the perfect setting for your lifestyle year round.

If you love the formality of a white kitchen with gleaming surfaces or a farmhouse aesthetic, we offer all the materials and services to realize your ideal kitchen. Family rooms with cozy fireplaces dressed up with tile surrounds and plush carpet that welcomes floor lounging or beautiful living rooms with hardwood floors and exquisite area rugs, we’ll make it happen for you and yours. Bathrooms that function well and look beautiful are within reach. Whatever area of your home you’d like to improve or update, we’re here to assist you with our talented team of designers and installers.

So throw open the doors and let the love pour into your home!

What Makes A House A Home?

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Shannon Hockenberry

 An Innovative Installation System For Tile & Stone

When it comes to tile installations, there are so many bits and pieces that it can make your head spin. Tile, thin set, decorative accents, moldings, bullnose, grout…… the list could go on and on. Have you ever heard of Schluter? Schluter is an innovative installation system for tile & stone. They offer crack suppression membranes, waterproofing systems and shower drains. They also have a whole line of “profiles” – which are alternatives to bullnose for terminating tile!

Today we’re going to take a quick look at my favorite profile that Schluter offers: the Quadec!

Photo from Schluter

is ‘a finishing and edge protection profile for tiled edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces, and is distinguished by its squared reveal surface.’ Not only does it protect tile edges from chipping, it also offers a sleek design aesthetic for any installation. It is versatile because it can be used on inside or outside corners!

Schluter Quadec is available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, PVC, as well as textured and color-coated aluminum (<—- my favorite). The Trendline Collection offers neutral and modern colors that coordinate with many tile offerings! It’s easy to find a Quadec profile to compliment your tile choice. You can learn more about the Quadec and other profiles on Schluter’s website.

Some of my favorite recent installations utilize a Schluter Quadec profile instead of traditional bullnose. What do you think?

Our Design Team at Indoor City can show you Schluter Quadec and many other options for your tile project! Visit our showroom and we can make your shower special!

Schedule a design consultation with Shannon, or contact any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help when it comes to tile design.

Schluter Quadec For Shower Tile & Stone

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Emily Fella

Perhaps one of the easiest and more cost-effective ways to liven up any space is by changing up a paint color.

Color plays a huge role in how we perceive and react to spaces. Whether it’s furniture, cabinetry, brick, wood or just plain old dry wall – try freshening up your space with something new!

We asked some of our designers what their favorite paint colors are, whether it’s a reliable go-to neutral or a great accent color, and here were their answers:

Megan Herr
“Benjamin Moore’s Revere Pewter– It’s the perfect greige that can go with warm or cool tones and be completely adaptable to it’s surroundings”.




Shannon Smith
“SW7029 Agreeable Gray is the PERFECT warm gray neutral for any space. It is light and bright but still contrasts beautifully against white trim or cabinets. It is one of those paint colors that looks different in each space. Sometimes it looks a little grayer, other times it takes on a warmer hue. Either way, it compliments its surroundings and sets the perfect backdrop for any design or decor. If you’re looking for a great ‘whole house neutral’ paint color, Agreeable Gray is a great choice!”





Kim Gable: “
I’m so glad to see the ‘blue color family’ make its way back into the current home fashion world. Blues always provide a calming, peaceful surrounding and coordinate with so many other color palettes. Stained Glass by Benjamin Moore is a great blue to try out in your home!”




Emily Fella:
“I just recently fell so in love with the color Nocturnal Sea from Dunn and Edwards. I’m really a big fan of the teal accent wall trend. I think it’s a great way to spark up a space and give an unexpected twist to the typical neutral palette.”





Stuck on trying to find the perfect paint color for your home? Any of our designers would love to help! Schedule a consultation today!

A Few of Our Favorite Colors

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Indoor City

Our BACA SawJet System

At the beginning of 2017, Indoor City Granite & Marble took a giant leap in the world of countertop fabrication with the purchase of our BACA SawJet System. Lovingly nicknamed Chewy by our team of designers, this piece of state-of-the-art machinery has transformed our countertop fabrication shop and the granite, marble and Quartz products we are able to offer our customers on a daily basis.

Meet Curt

Behind the day-to-day operations of this piece of machinery is Curt Sellard. Curt is a loyal Indoor City employee (having been with us for 8 years). Curt previously worked at Banta Tile & Marble for 30 years, which Indoor City bought the assets of in 2010. With 38 years of experience in granite fabrication, Curt diligently took on the role of learning the ins and outs of operating Chewy’s fabrication capabilities.

Having a big interest in cinematography, Curt jumped at the opportunity to enter BACA’s Robo SawJet Video Contest where he creatively made this informational (and entertaining!) video about Chewy. That’s not all – he proudly brought home the first place prize and also won “most unique video” in the contest.

We couldn’t be more proud of Curt’s accomplishments. He is a valued member of the Indoor City family and we appreciate his dedication and work ethic.

Check out Curt’s video! You won’t be disappointed.


If you would like to know more about Indoor City, or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Robo SawJet Video Contest

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