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Emily Fella

As a designer nothing is more exciting than a new trend in design materials. In the world of tile, some of the most recent popular design trends have included gray tones and wood looks. Although, I am a huge fan of both of these looks, nothing excites me more than when something new and different makes a statement in the design industry. A product that just recently hit our showroom floor (no pun intended) is the Noga Cement Tile line from Garden State Tile.

Handmade Cement Tiles were largely popular in the 19th century and are since making a comeback. These bold looking tiles are not only hand-made but are created using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, just as they were back in the 19th century. These particular cement tiles are made with white and gray cements, quartz, marble dust and various other pigments. The tiles are not fired or glazed but are pressed and then placed in a water bath and left to cure for 28 days in a mist room. During the 28 day curing process, the tiles are continuously misted with water to aid in making them more durable. The Noga Cement tile line incorporates original and historically accurate designs, as well as exclusive, modern motifs. These tiles are available in 8×8 sizes (with 5/8” thickness), and in a variety of solid and patterned colors to be used in commercial or residential flooring. These tiles are also suitable to be used in wall and backsplash applications.

For those of you that know me as a designer, you know that I am a sucker for black and white color palettes. One of my favorite designs in this particular tile line is the Abigale Tile. I think this tile would be a lovely selection for use in a bathroom or laundry room/mudroom area. Coupled with white cabinetry, gold hardware and perhaps a marble look quartz countertop material, a room sporting this tile would make quite the sophisticated statement.  Being that these cement tiles are 8”x8” they would probably look best used in a small to mid-sized room application. The scale of a tile is extremely important when considering what room it should be used in. For those individuals who are looking to add color and interest to a small or mid-sized room, these tiles would be an excellent option to consider. Check out all of the available designs and colors at:

Cement Tiles, The Next Big Thing

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Megan Zaun

With mother’s day right around the corner, its time to start thinking about what she would really want on her special day. What about a nice relaxing spa day? What makes a spa package the perfect gift. it’s a time for your mom to unwind and completely de-stress in a beautiful, calming atmosphere. The biggest component of these soothing atmosphere’s are the finishes being used so why not treat your mother everyday by making her bathroom into luxurious tranquility.

Tommy Bahama Zig Zag Mosaic Bati Orient Mosaic Stone Lunata Bay Herringbone

First step is using tranquil spa-like colors such as light blues, greens and aquas on a base of white. A perfect way to achieve some beautiful color in a bathroom is with various textures of tile. Glass tiles in a mix of cool tones with a marble like texture can be the perfect accent for a shower wall or tub surround. A perfect example of this is this Tommy Bahama by Lunada Bay tile in a zig zag pattern. These Bati Orient pebbles in a white stone can make the perfect shower floor for that exotic feel. A wood-look porcelian tile floor can achieve that warm, relaxing sauna feel. The King Wood series from B&F ceramics not only gives you that look but gives you extra interest with it’s Hexagon design in a multi tone hue. To add some extra heat to a porcelain tile floor, a Schluter ditra heat system can be installed prior to tile installation and with a digital touch screen and timer, mornings are a breeze. Now that your tile is figured out, it’s time to move on to the vanity tops!

B&F Hexagon Tile Cambria Kelvingrove Quartz Cambria New Quay Quartz

Second step is using a low maintenance, day spa feeling countertop. Cambria’s Coastal & Waterstone series are the perfect way to tie all of your tile together with their mix of hues and bit of sparkle. The Kelvingrove pattern from Cambria adds a hint of aqua veining on a sandy taupe background, clear blue water and sand anyone? Cambria’s New Quay pattern from the Waterstone line has been a very popular one for Indoor City. With it’s subtle gray and greige tones, it’s a win win with all bathrooms and kitchen cabinets!

Any of the designers here at Indoor City would be more than happy to help you design a spa-like bathroom of your dreams! Come in today!

A Day Spa at Home

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Indoor City

How long have you worked at Indoor City? 3 years


What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on during your time at Indoor City? A custom model home that I spent a lot of time working on last summer. I was able to really use my creativity and help design a pretty amazing house. Plus I got to collaborate with another designer and that is always a really fun process!


What made you want to be a designer? I have always been interested in art & design. In high school I took an interior design class and also an architectural drafting class. I loved both so I thought this field would be perfect!


Describe your perfect pizza: Gluten free, white pizza with garlic, ricotta, tomatoes, broccoli, red onions.



Designer Spotlight: Samantha Anastasio

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Samantha Anastasio

When designing this recently completed new model home in Mount Joy, Lancaster County PA, built by Dombach Builders, we wanted the style to be classic, yet modern enough to appeal to any potential buyer/customer. This two-story, end unit townhome has an open floor plan in the main living space, three full bathrooms, three bedrooms, and a bonus room (playroom/rec room/office) on the second floor. Keep reading to learn more about the flooring and countertops that Indoor City installed in this beautiful home.


With white cabinets, granite countertops and a beautiful taupe tile backsplash, this new kitchen is an eye catcher as soon as you walk into the main living space.

Countertops: “Nevada” granite

Tile backsplash: Bellavita, H-Line 3”x6”, color: “Nautilus” paired with Jeffery Court, Chapter 11 Align, Herringbone Stix mosaic, color: “Suede (Grey Marble)” as an accent behind the range


This beautiful tiled fireplace will surely be the focal point of this living room.  The tile from the backsplash accent is repeated here to tie in the open living space.

Tile: Jeffery Court, Chapter 11 Align, Herringbone Stix mosaic, in “Suede (Grey Marble)”


The main living space in this home is covered in 3/8” hand-scraped, engineered hardwood flooring. The dark stain of the wood acts as a great contrast to the white cabinets and light paint color.

Hardwood: Chesapeake 3/8” X 5” Countryside Birch, color: Black Forest


Every person who walks through this house loves the tile floor in the master bathroom! The color is the perfect neutral, and the size of the tile, set in a herringbone pattern give this bathroom a fun, but classic look.

Bathroom floor tile: Serenissima, Docklands 3”x14”, color: “Brown” (installed in a herringbone pattern)


The other two bathrooms and the laundry room all showcase a beautiful tile-look vinyl. This modern, glass-cloth look works beautifully with the color scheme and style of this house!

Vinyl: IVC, Premiere, color: Dulcinea

We personally LOVE that master bathroom floor! What is your favorite feature in this home?


Designing a Model Home: Classic Appeal

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Indoor City

Christmas is only a few days away and we know what you’re thinking, why am I sitting here reading this blog instead of cleaning and prepping the rest of my house? We know, you have parties to plan for, family to host, and a house to decorate. It just so happens that we have a few tips on some last minute decorations. Reward yourself with a little break from all the holiday madness, take a deep breath, and find some inspiration from these little projects!

Throw broken pieces of your tree and some cranberries in a tall vase, add water, a floating candle, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful centerpiece.


Oranges and clementines can be very festive during the holidays. Add some to a bundle of pinecones and branches for a festive holiday table spread.


We love this holiday trend! Put some leftover ornaments in a crystal bowl, jar, or vase and you have some festive decorations to place around the house!


Place these at each table setting for some personalized Christmas décor! It doesn’t get any easier than ribbon, candy canes, and name cards!



Last Minute Christmas Decorations

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Shannon Smith

This time of year always sparks a little DIY fire in my soul. It’s fun & easy to make holiday decorations for your home and I’ve rounded up a few cute projects to tackle now that the weather has gotten chillier. Grab a cup of coffee, your hot glue gun, and get crafty!

| DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Tree

I remember growing up doing a lot of projects with felt in art class. This adorable DIY brings back some of those memories! I especially love the rustic feel that the stacked wood slices give.


| Deer Wood Slice Ornaments 

Speaking of wood slices… these adorable ornaments are perfect little crafts you can do with the whole family. Use a variety of patterns to really personalize each ornament!


| DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Okay, how adorable are these mini Christmas wreaths? This is a great little DIY you can use as stocking stuffers, or even little trinkets to add to a gift bag!


| Pinecone Christmas Trees

Put those corks to good use with these little pinecone Christmas trees. You may not even have to buy anything to do this project!


Kid-Friendly DIY Crafts:

| Minion Homemade Christmas Ornament

We know how minion obsessed some of your little ones are! Here is a VERY easy DIY ornament you can do with them!


| Ski Ornaments 

It’s always so fun to have ornaments that speak to every family member’s personality. Give your ski savvy mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother… this DIY ski ornament!


| Birdseed Christmas Ornament

It’s always fun to decorate the inside of the house for the holidays, but it’s the people who take it outside that really know how to do the holidays right! This Christmas tree birdseed ornament is definitely a step in the right direction.


| Peanut Snowman Ornament 

Make this cute little peanut ornament with your little peanut! A happy Christmas tree is filled with memory filled ornaments made by your little ones.



Holiday DIY & Crafts

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Emily Fella

It is no doubt that Carrara Marble is a stunning and prestigious material. Quarried in Northern Italy and used by the Ancient Romans, this well-known stone is not only luxurious but still remains a staple in current design trends. The reality of this material lies in its porosity. Marble is more porous, softer, and is a more chemically sensitive stone than granite. A marble surface will show wear sooner than granite but can be restored with honing and polishing more easily. Another maintenance concern with marble is that it can be easily etched by acids, including soft drinks and juice. Marble can also absorb oils and other liquids which make the stone susceptible to staining. Often time using marble in a kitchen or a heavily used bathroom is not advised due to the high maintenance qualities of the stone.

Today there are many products on the market that imitate the natural look of Carrara marble without the maintenance concerns. A great product for flooring and wall applications is the Deluxe White porcelain tile made by Marca Corona. This product is manufactured in Italy and comes in a variety of different tile sizes ranging from 12”x 24” tiles to 24”x 48” sizes. This tile manufacturer also offers this Carrara look tile in both a honed and polished finish.

A great option for Carrara Marble looking countertops without the maintenance is the Neve or the London Sky Quartz by Zodiaq. Quartz is a man-made product made from 94% ground quartz mixed with a polyester resin to help bind the minerals together. The resin within the quartz slab helps to make the material scratch and stain resistant. Also because the material is manmade, there is little to no porosity within the stone making the product extremely low maintenance. With a product such as this, you will get the aesthetic of true Carrara Marble without the maintenance.

A Carrara Alternative

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Indoor City

It’s almost here! The holiday that sadly gets overlooked by the people who put on their Santa hats the day after Halloween. The holiday that brings the family together, over a table of delicious food. The holiday that reminds us to reflect on the things we are thankful for… THANKSGIVING!

One of our favorite parts about Thanksgiving is being able to gather with family and bond over delicious comfort food. Thanks to Pinterest, we have access to a cornucopia of amazing holiday recipes. You’ve worked so hard on that dream kitchen of yours. Now, put that beautiful kitchen to good use this Thanksgiving and try out some of these delectable dishes! Here is a list we put together to help you get started:


| Pumpkin Themed Deviled Eggs

A popular favorite at any party, deviled eggs are the perfect finger food to hold your guests over while they wait for the main course. This recipe adds a seasonal twist to this classic favorite. It’s the same delicious flavor with just a little added effort that even the littlest of guests will love!


| Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Another classic Thanksgiving dish taken to the next level! At our table, mashed potatoes are always highly anticipated. It’s a dish of which we never have leftovers. Add garlic AND parmesan into the mix and we guarantee that you’ll have the family thinking about this savory dish all year!


| Green Bean Casserole (Vegan)

This one is for all our vegan friends out there! Sure, Thanksgiving is about all the wonderful eats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. Here is a green bean casserole recipe that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Yes, we will probably eat all the calories for the day, and then some… but at least they’re coming from healthy foods!


| Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip

…and now that we’ve talked about eating healthy, we’d also like to say that it’s okay to splurge a little bit on Thanksgiving! Pumpkin Pie is a holiday must. Now, add cheesecake into the mix, then turn it into a delicious dip, and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser! We’ll see if there will be any left when the day is over.


|Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria 

Finally, because you’ve worked so hard slaving over a hot stove, a seasonal sangria you can toast your thanks to! We can’t think of a more perfect and refreshing way to end a day full of family and food!

A Recipe for a Perfect Thanksgiving

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