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How long have you worked at Indoor City?
In November, it will be 5 years that I’ve been with Indoor City.

How would you describe your personal design aesthetic?

My personal design aesthetic is very mid-century modern. I love clean lines, simple decor and bright pops of color. Plus – hair pin legs. I LOVE hair pin legs on furniture.

What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on during your time at Indoor City?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite! But if I have to… I’d say one of my favorite projects I’ve worked on during my time at Indoor City would be a model home built by EG Stoltzfus. The colors were so bright and pretty and I was able to sneak in some creativity with materials and tile patterns. I love how it turned out!


What made you want to be a designer?

I have always been a creative person – thanks in huge part to my mom and my grandfather. My grandfather could make practically anything out of nothing. He was resourceful and eco-friendly before it was cool to be. He used to mix all of his leftover paints together to make a new color (usually a light taupey-brown once it was all said and done) just so that he wouldn’t waste any paint. Interior Design always felt like the perfect creative career for me and I enjoy how each day and each client bring a different element of design into my life. It keeps my job interesting and fun!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself?

Fun fact: Besides Pennsylvania, I have lived in Washington state, Ohio, Maryland and I was born in New Mexico. My parents and younger brother (Tanner) still live in WA state, but my older brother (Kyle) and his wife (Larkin) live in Austin, TX. We are all spread out across the country so we enjoy “meeting up” in places for vacations and visits. This year we are vacationing as a family in Cozumel, Mexico! Two years ago we all met up in Kauai, Hawaii!

Describe your perfect pizza?

I looooove pizza. My perfect pizza is pretty simple – Margherita . It has to have fresh mozzarella though!

If you would like to work with Shannon or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Designer Spotlight: Shannon Smith

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Emily Fella

There is no doubt that gray color schemes have been a recent and popular trend in the world of interior design. I often get asked by my clients if gray is a color that I foresee going out of style. I often express that because it is a neutral, much like black and white, that it will always be a staple color for any design. However, that does not mean that you should be afraid to incorporate color within your neutral palette. As a designer, my job is to always be on the cusp of what is new and trending. A color that I have noticed becoming rather popular and may soon take the stage as the next hot trend is the color teal.

From a psychological stand point, teal is representative of soothing balance and calmness. Because teal is a combination of blue and green, both light wavelengths, our eyes require little to no adjusting which is perhaps why the color evokes feelings of tranquility.

A brand new product that has all of the designers here at Indoor City eager to use, is the Lagoon Series, from AKDO’s Signature Glass line. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful shades of teal that I have ever seen. This product is currently available in field tile and mosaic formats including a 3×6, 3×12, a 1×4 herringbone, a 2×2, and a staggered listello. How fun would a tile like this be for a butler’s pantry backsplash? What a great way to add some color!

Rumored to hit the market this coming fall is a teal/blue hardwood floor from Anderson. Featured at the Shaw East-Coast 2017 Winter Market. I had the privilege to experience this product in person. We cannot wait to get our hands on this! This engineered hardwood, like most of Anderson’s products is beautifully manufactured and completely full of character with a 8.5”plank width and a pronounced white oak grain.

Another recently new product featuring the color teal is the Defined Beauty Carpet in the color Oasis from Shaw. Not only does this carpet feature a geometric pattern creating a bold statement for any room, but it also comes available with the Life Guard Nylon backing system. This backing system makes this carpet product pet and child friendly by preventing liquids from penetrating through the carpet backing.

Whether you are considering painted cabinetry for a kitchen or perhaps a new wall color to liven up your space, maybe you should consider incorporating a color from the teal family – start by checking out some of my favorite teal paint colors:

Benjamin Moore – Aegean Teal


Dunn Edwards – Nocturnal Sea


Sherwin Williams – Really Teal

If you want to talk more about color and how you can use it in your home, call any of our designers here at the Indoor City Showroom. We would be would be more than happy to assist!

Trending with Teal

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Indoor City

Although choosing your tile may be a difficult decision, another crucial decision is choosing the appropriate grout for your tile installation. There are many factors that come into play when choosing the right grout, such as color, durability/cleanability, grout joint size, type of tile and surface.

Most grout types come in a vast range of colors, making the coordination between grout color and tile color feasible. There are even grouts with a sparkle quality including products such as Laticrete, Spectralock, Dazzle, Bostik, Dimension and Custom Fusion Pro. These glittering grouts are perfect for a glass tile installation. In picking grout colors, another important factor to take into account is contrast. Often times adding a little contrast with your grout selection is a great way to spruce up your tile schematic. If you choose to use a white subway, perhaps consider using a light or dark gray grout to create some contrast and interest with the grout joints. If the tile you are working with is of natural stone, typically from a design stand point, picking a grout that blends with the stone and does not take away from its natural qualities is suggested.

When it comes to grout, there are two main types, sanded and unsanded. An unsanded grout is typically used when the grout joint is 1/8th of an inch or less. The use of an unsanded grout is suggested when the tile is made of a scratch susceptible material such as glass or a polished natural stone such as marble. A sanded grout is appropriate when you are working with a larger grout joint, larger than 1/8th of an inch. Typically grout joints this large are used in flooring applications.

An additional type of grout is an epoxy grout. Epoxy grout consists of an epoxy resin and a hardener. Epoxy grout is highly resistant to staining and chemicals and has a very high bonding strength, making it virtually maintenance free. Using an epoxy grout is pertinent in certain tile applications such as steam showers.

For help choosing the perfect grout for your tile project, any of our designers here at the Indoor City Showroom would be more than happy to assist!

To find more information about these products, please visit


What You Need to Know About Grout

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Samantha Anastasio

Every year in June, members of the Interior Design world flock to Chicago for North America’s largest and most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors: NeoCon. More than 700 of the leading companies in the commercial interiors world launch thousands of new products into the market.

This year, one of our favorite commercial carpet and flooring providers, Shaw Contract, launched a ton of new products! Two of the product lines, “Active” and “Off the Grid,” are some of our favorite new releases of the year.


The “Active” collection utilizes graphic, linear patterns and bold, fluorescent colors in an effort to keep workplace occupants energized and alert. The main inspiration for the styles within the “Active” product line has been derived from the textures, shapes and patterns used in active wear. The design team focused on how those same techniques can be interpreted into flooring that can really activate a space.

This collection features four styles in a 12”x48” carpet tile and three brand new fluorescent colors.


The “Off the Grid” collection focuses on bringing nature into our built environments as workplace design trends show a shift towards needing more reflective, calm spaces. This collection features very textural and organic patterns and natural, calming colors. To gain inspiration for “Off the Grid,” the design team headed out into nature to observe organic patterns in things like spider webs and moss.

This collection features two broadloom styles and four styles in 12”x48” carpet tiles.

To find more information about these products, please visit


In the Spotlight: Shaw Contract, Commercial Carpets

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Indoor City

How long have you worked at Indoor City?
Four years on October 1.

What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on
during your time at Indoor City?
An amazing addition for an amazing woman. At 90 she had her “mid-life crisis” and put a large, Bauhaus inspired addition on to her existing two hundred plus year old farmhouse. She’s brilliant, vital and exudes a joie de vie not found in many people of any age and the addition reflects her spirit!


What made you want to be a designer?
I’ve been interested in beauty, in all its forms, my whole life so it just makes sense to be a part of creating beautiful homes for our clients. Our homes are our sanctuaries and should bring us peace and pleasure. My job is to help our customers realize their own dream space.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
I rarely watch television and read constantly.

Describe your perfect pizza
Very thin crust, tangy sauce and really good cheese. Preferably baked in a wood fired oven. Rosa Rosa had the best! I hope they return!


If you would like to work with Corinne or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Designer Spotlight: Corinne Gilbert

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Kim Gable

Design Ideas for the Perfect “Man Cave”. Just what is needed for the perfect guy hang out you might ask?

Food & Drinkgranite or quartz countertops give durability to any bar area-no worries about spills or messes.

Comfortyou’ll sink your feet into this shag carpet from Kane. Made of stain resistant, colorfast Eurolon that will resist the signs of wear & tear.

PrivacyGraber’s blinds & shades make watching the big game better as they cut down the glare from the windows on the big screen.

Entertainmentimagine practicing your golf swing using your very own putting green. Try installing this artificial turf for those days you can’t be out on the course.

What would be the perfect “Man Cave” from a woman’s point of view?

Easy to cleanporcelain, glass, & ceramic tiles are available in so many masculine styles & choices, Spices up the space but easy to keep clean.

Keep in the noiselaminate is not just for the floor anymore. Try installing it on the walls for a great textured look that also cuts down on the noise made during the great & not great plays.

Come visit Indoor City’s extensive showroom and let one of our talented designers help you put together the perfect retreat for your favorite man. Football season will be here before you know it.

Man Cave Design Ideas

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Corinne Gilbert

Congo and Canary Hand Loomed Rugs and Carpet

I’d like to showcase two of the newest additions to the Antrim line from Stanton, Congo and Canary. What beautiful woven wool carpet patterns they’ve created in a lovely color palette!

Antrim Canary

Canary is a mini chevron pattern available in 7 different colors that all incorporate a neutral base of either ivory or white. There’s a lovely color called Cord, which is like a clean straw hue combined with a soft ivory. The Wave combination features a powder blue and white while the Ink variation is a crisp navy and white. Also available in Dove, Metal, and Earth the Canary style is perfect for any room in your home that needs a little floor lift!


Antrim Congo

Congo is the sister style to Canary. It is available in the same color palette as Canary but is a traditional herringbone pattern with a five inch stripe. This could be a dynamic stair and hallway runner or a stunning area rug in anyone’s home. It feels both fresh and traditional offering the perfect answer for anyone looking for that transitional element.


Accommodating and Luxurious

Both of these styles come in 15 foot widths so creating an area rug or installing in a wall to wall carpet application in most rooms will not require a seam. The dense 100% wool guarantees years of luxurious durability in addition to being both non-allergenic, air purifying and naturally flame retardant.

Stop in and look at both of these lovely new styles from Antrim along with several new offerings from Stanton, Karastan, Kane, Tuftex and many others.

What’s new from Antrim?

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Indoor City

When the topic of granite or quartz comes up in conversation, most people are talking about countertops! These types of natural and man-made solid surfaces have been used on countertops for years and have become “must-haves” in many kitchens today. Traditionally, a countertop is paired with a complimentary tile backsplash. Here in Lancaster, we find that the classic subway tile backsplash wins out in many kitchens. It’s clean, classic and compliments any style of kitchen or countertop.

Granite or Quartz Backsplash Considerations

If you’re looking for something outside the box, you might want to consider a granite, marble or quartz backsplash! When doing so, here are 5 things to consider before pulling the trigger:

“Hawaiian Leathered” Granite Countertop & Backsplash
  1. Thickness

    Granite, marble and quartz is traditionally 1-1/4” (3CM) thick. Keep this thickness in mind when deciding whether or not to use this as a backsplash. It will affect nearby trim, cabinetry trim, outlets and more. Being aware of this thickness will help you plan for (and achieve) the best final result in your kitchen!

  2. Installation

    Unlike a tile backsplash which could be attempted by an ambitious DIYer*, a granite and/or quartz backsplash will need to be fabricated and installed by a professional. Indoor City has state-of-the-art fabrication machinery to give you a precise fit when it comes to a solid surface backsplash.

  3. Seam

    Your backsplash MAY have a seam. Just like your countertops, there are variables in a solid surface backsplash that may create the need for a seam. No worries! Even though seams aren’t invisible, they are usually discrete and won’t distract from the beauty of your backsplash. If you are concerned about seams, the templater will be able to tell you where a seam needs to be placed prior to install so there are no surprises.

  4. Cost

    A solid surface backsplash is most likely going to be more expensive! Granite, marble or quartz is definitely more expensive to supply and install (per square foot) than most backsplash tiles. But keep in mind – a solid surface backsplash will give you a beautiful, unique & custom look! It could kick your kitchen remodel up a few notches. Keep this option in mind when creating your new home or remodeling budget.

  5. Admiration

    Finally, you’ll probably end up being the envy of all of your friends. I know, I know. This can sometimes be such a pain. With a quartz or granite backsplash, you may just achieve that “Houzz worthy” kitchen that most people just drool over when searching for design ideas on their iPad. We think you can handle this though 😉

Zodiac “Calacatta Natura” quartz countertop & backsplash

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about planning for a solid surface backsplash, what do you think? Is it something you’d ever consider? Don’t get us wrong. We still LOVE our tile backsplashes. However, granite, marble or quartz is just another option we love having in the mix!

*Disclaimer: We love the DIYers that come to buy tile from us; however, if you’re looking for a professional installation, check out the services we offer!



More Than Just a Countertop

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