Installation Guidelines



Occasionally berbers, low profile, flat weave and pattern loop carpets will show a seam. This is generally not the case with a cut pile. Lighting from windows may enhance the visibility of a seam. That being said, our installers are professionals that will ensure the least visible seam possible. Your estimator will decide on the best layout and seam placement for your carpet selection.


New carpet and area rugs can and will shed. Fiber type, twist and construction will affect how much a carpet will shed. It is normal to see some fibers in the vacuum for the first 6 months. Shedding is not a manufacturing defect.

Roll Marks/Indents

Carpets can develop “crush/roll” marks that are only noticed after the carpet is installed. This condition is not a defect. In general, manufacturers ask customers to allow 60 days for roll marks to relax. Do not hesitate to contact us if the roll marks do not dissipate after 60 days. Please be aware that heavy furniture can leave permanent dents in your carpet.

Clean Up/Odors

Our installers will vacuum using a residential vacuum or a shop vac. They will remove all scraps, tubes, plastic and wrappers. They will leave behind any sizeable pieces that are doormat size or larger at their discretion. Your carpet may still have loose fibers, sprouts and fuzz immediately after installation. Vacuum the new carpet a few times to completely remove these fibers. You may notice your carpet or pad has a noticeable odor after installation. This is not a defect nor hazardous to you or your family and should dissipate within two weeks.