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Whether you are looking to renovate your residential or commercial space, hardwood is a reliable, “solid” (or engineered) choice.  Hardwood lends itself to a permanence to the interior and has been a popular choice for centuries.

Natural hardwood, in either a solid or engineered construction, desires a loving relationship with a caregiver.  Here are 10 ways to say I Love You:

  1.  Be a Doormat.

Walk off mats at doorways are the first line of defense for removing damaging particles that can have very negative effects on your lovely hardwood.  The best practice is to remove your shoes altogether.  Kiss them goodbye once inside the door.

  1. Leave the Stiletto Shoes.

The pressure on the heal of a stiletto of a 5-foot, 110-pound woman is equivalent to the weight of an elephant.  Stilettos will pierce your hardwood causing dents and dings no matter the species of the hardwood and regardless if the construction is solid or engineered.  Break up with the stilettos.

  1. Felt Pads Forever.

Be sure all chairs, furniture, furnishings, and accessories have felt pads applied to the bottom of the leg/base.  Touch up markers, stain pens and furniture repair kits go a long way in apologizing to your hardwood for blemishes.


  1. Tender Loving Care.

Your hardwood loves to be touched and caressed by proper cleaning methods.  Remove dust, dirt and debris with a microfiber dusting mop (no sprays!) or the hard surface cleaning attachment on your vacuum system.  Use the manufacturer recommended cleaner for your hardwood.  Some manufacturers will require you to use their cleaner, which, will partner with their finish.  If you are not directed to use a specific manufacturers cleaner, Bona Hardwood Cleaner is recommended.  Not following proper cleaning methods can cause your hardwood to haze.

  1. Love Is in the Air.

The air quality of your home provides the stability of your relationship with your hardwood.  Ambient air should be maintained 24/7/365 at 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 30 to 50% humidity.  Say I Love You to your hardwood by keeping the doors and windows closed allowing your HVAC to stabilize the air.  This is also best practices for ALL wood including kitchen cabinetry and furniture.

  1. Puppy Love.

A dog’s nails can be very damaging to your charming hardwood.  Just like the ladies love a good pedicure, we should also include this service for our beloved dogs.  Keep the nails trimmed.

  1. Stand Up to Standing Water.

Even though natural hardwood has been harvested and turned into admirable planks, hardwood flooring is still a living organism that is seeking to drink up moisture wherever it can find it.  Standing water quenches thirst.  Clean up standing water as soon as possible.

  1. 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.

As much as we all love the beauty and warmth that natural hardwood brings, natural hardwood is not for all homeowners and all situations.  If your family is active with children, potbelly pigs, chickens and dogs running through your space, hardwood may not be the best choice for you.  The flooring industry is flooded with beautiful hardwood looks that will be just as effective.  A natural hardwood alternative is not considered cheating.

8 Ways to Say I Love You to your Hardwood Floor this Valentine’s Day:

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Amanda Voloshin

If you are looking to make a statement with hardwood flooring, be sure to not miss the exotic hardwood options here at Indoor City!

Look at the beauty of this Pecan hardwood floor:


What does ‘exotic’ hardwood mean?

Exotic hardwoods are species that are found around the world, usually coming from the more tropical areas. Some of the more common exotic species are Brazilian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Amendoim, and Tigerwood. Exotic hardwoods are harder and denser than domestic wood. However, it’s important to remember that hardness is not the only factor when considering a durable floor.

| Brazilian Cherry


| Tigerwood


| Amendoim


| Brazilian Walnut


*All hardwood colors will change with exposure to light over time, whether you install domestic or exotic species. The exotic hardwoods, especially Brazilian Cherry, seem to change in a more rapid and drastic way. So be sure to consider how much sunlight your home gets in the rooms you are considering for hardwood floors.

Exotic Hardwood Floors

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Shannon Hockenberry

Meet Samantha!

Introducing another wonderful member of the Indoor City family, Samantha is an interior designer that has an eye for modern-chic designs. She loves being able to work with a client to design a project, and to see how the design progresses into a livable space. Here is a little bit about Samantha, and her take on hardwood!

How did you get into designing?

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember, but I actually began taking interior design classes in high school and fell in love with it there. It was a great way to take my artistic abilities and turn them into something real and useful. From there I studied interior design in college and jumped right in to the design field after graduation.

What is your favorite part about designing?

My favorite part about designing is getting to see a project through to the end. It is always satisfying when you get to see your projects finished and in use by the homeowners.

What do you find inspiration in when you design?

When I am getting started with a project, many times I find myself browsing Pinterest or Houzz for ideas. I also enjoy looking at design and architecture magazines.

Describe hardwood in three words.

Natural, rich, unique.


Dark wood or light?

Light. I prefer to keep the space feeling airy and bright by using lighter hardwood floors.


What is your favorite hardwood project?

One of my favorite hardwood projects that I have worked on is this house photographed below. This warm grey stain color is very popular right now, and the soft color of this floor worked great with the other finishes in this house.


What is your favorite part about working with hardwood?

I like the fact that it is a natural product and has such beautiful variation. I love that every piece is different. It can sometimes make the floor feel like a work of art.


Which hardwood line is your favorite?

My current favorite product is a new hardwood line from Anderson Floors, called Bernina Maple/Hickory. It comes in two wood species, maple and hickory, and uses an interesting new staining technique that makes the edges appear darker, giving the wood a lot of character. The colors within the line include some contemporary greys, but also some natural wood tones as well.


What are some design tips you can give about choosing the right wood?

I think one of the most important factors in choosing the right wood for your space is to determine who is going to be using the space, and how much use it will get. For instance, if you are looking to put hardwood in your entire downstairs and you have a 75 pound dog, I would recommend not selecting a hardwood that has a smooth, glossy finish and instead select something with a textured finish instead.

Meet Samantha!

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Samantha Fletcher

Hardwood Styles

The biggest trend we have been seeing in the styling of hardwood floors is longer and wider planks.

1. Many hardwood flooring manufacturers have come out with product lines that showcase extra wide planks.   The average plank width for hardwood flooring is currently 5”, when it used to be 2 ¼”- 3 ¼”. Wider planks tend to make your space feel larger and give it more of a modern feel.

Mullican’s “Mount Castle” collection includes planks ranging from 7.44”-9.45” wide.


2. Another trend in the style of hardwood flooring is extra-long planks. Most hardwood flooring manufacturers package wood flooring in random lengths anywhere from 12”-72”. There are a few new product lines from MaxWoods that have planks up to 96” in length. These product lines range in wood species and are all American made.



Hardwood Finishes

This year we have been seeing the trend of hardwood finishes moving away from the traditional semi-gloss and more to a subtle, matte, distressed finish. Both finishes discussed below offer this look.

1. One of the most popular finishes today for hardwood flooring is the wire brushed finish. It gives a weathered, textured look to the surface of the wood.

This finish is created when wire bristles etch into the woodgrain. This process scrapes off the softest part of the wood allowing the stronger core to be exposed. This makes the floors more durable and more likely to mask any daily wear and tear the floor may experience. Armstrong’s Artistic Timbers TimberBrushed line (pictured above) is a great example of wire brushed hardwood flooring that we carry here at Indoor City!


2. Another popular wood finish is a hard-wax oil finish. This finish gives a rustic, distressed, barn wood look to your home.

DuChateau is one of the largest manufacturers of hard-wax oil finish products. Their products are created with a variety of production methods and surface treatments that are then topped with hard-wax oil.

This oil provides a more subtle, matte finish than most polyurethane finishes. DuChateau uses their own brand of hard-wax oil that is “all natural, non-pollutant, non-toxic, and VOC-free”. These oils also preserve the original beauty of the wood and allow it to patina naturally.

DuChateau also supplies maintenance oil, that when applied to the surface of the floors help to rejuvenate and protect your floors.


Hardwood Species

1. In the recent years we have seen a big shift towards consumers wanting to buy products that are manufactured in America. Because of that, domestic woods are dominating the market. The most popular hardwood species that come from the United States are red oak, white oak, hickory, maple, birch, and pine.

2. Up until recently, red oak has always been the most used hardwood species in America. We are currently seeing a changeover to white oak due to many key factors. White oak has a lighter color and a smoother, tighter graining than that of red oak. White oak also ranks higher on the hardness scale(1360 on the hardness scale vs. red oak’s 1290).



What’s Trending in Hardwood Flooring

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Shannon Hockenberry

If there’s one thing that’s sure in the world of home improvement, it’s that hardwood can be hard work! It does an awesome job of making a home look beautiful, but requires a lot maintenance and care. This shouldn’t keep you from having your dream floors! We have some tips that will help make your hardwood floors stay looking new.

We have three words for our first tip. VACUUM VACUUM VACUUM. With hardwood floors it is really important to vacuum at least once a week. Dirt and grit will slowly, but surely, wear out the finish of your hardwood over time. When you vacuum, be sure to use a brush extension that will be gentle on the floors, or use a microfiber Swiffer broom. You don’t want to damage your hardwood in an attempt to keep them looking new!

Our next tip sounds pretty obvious, but still worth mentioning! On warm sunny days it’s nice to have the windows open in the house. Just be sure to close them if there is any chance of rain. Water and hardwood floors are not best friends. Keep the two separate to make your life a lot easier!


When it comes to maintenance, hair and flooring go hand in hand… right? Maybe not, but both definitely require some attention! be sure to not let one suffer at the hands of the other. When you use hairspray, be sure to wipe it up from your wood floors right away. The longer you wait the harder it will be to remove the sticky residue, and the more damage you will do to your floors when you clean it up. This goes for furniture polish as well!


Our last tip is simple, but can really go a long way! Literally. When it comes to keeping your hardwood floors looking new, it’s best to invest in a long doormat. Having a longer doormat gives you some time to track and leave debris from outside on the mat and away from your beautiful hardwood floors.

These are just simple and easy tips on how to keep your hardwood floors looking like new! There are more extensive ways to clean and maintain hardwood floors. Maybe there will be a part II to this blog? Let us know if you have any tips on how to keep hardwood floors looking beautiful. We would love to hear them!

Maintenance Tips: Wood floors

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Shannon Hockenberry

Indoor City is so excited to have worked on a number of homes that have been entered in the 2016 Parade of Homes. If you followed along with our blog last year, you’ll remember that we highlighted the flooring and countertop finishes that we installed in some of the entries. We’re back again this year to do the same.

The first home we’ll be featuring this year is the model home at Landis Farm – built by EG Stoltzfus Homes. This beautiful single family home is situated in Landisville, PA and offers an open floorplan, outdoor living space and high-end finishes.

Keep reading to learn more about the flooring and countertops that Indoor City installed in this beautiful home.




The heart of the home is always the kitchen. With an open-concept, abundant counter space and a “Costco” closet, this kitchen is perfect for entertaining.

Countertops: Super White (polished) quartzite with a straight polish edge treatment

Tile backsplash: Spirited II “Frost” 4×12 glass installed in a subway pattern



With the powder room located right off of the kitchen, it only made sense to carry the same lovely Super White quartzite on this vanity suited for guests. A rectangular undermount bowl gives it a little personality!


The majority of the first floor is covered in ¾” solid handscraped hardwood which gives so much warmth to the home’s main living areas. The warm grey tones in the wood provide a great contrast with the white kitchen cabinets and light colored countertops.

Hardwood: Shaw ¾” Prelude, color: Recital


The laundry room, or the room sometimes referred to as the “mud room”, requires a floor that can withstand soccer cleats, dirty laundry and lots of foot traffic. The LVT (or luxury vinyl tile) installed in this room looks great and will remain looking great for years to come.

LVT: Mannington Adura Athena 12×24 “Maiden’s Veil” set in a brick pattern


Everyone loves a soft landing when getting out of bed in the morning. The upstairs hallway and bedrooms in this home have soft, light carpet that feels good under your feet and looks good with any décor.

Carpet: Shaw Bright Ideas II, Color: Antique Pearl


Is that hardwood!? Take a closer look – this wood-look porcelain tile has all the characteristics of hardwood yet will withstand being in a bathroom with no concerns of getting water damaged. How cool is that? The warms tones and soft variation in the floor pair nicely with the simple (& durable) quartz countertop on the double vanity. The products in this bathroom are attractive yet require very little maintenance. Bring on the kids!

Floor tile: Isla Kingwood “White” 6×36 set in a random plank pattern

Countertop: Silestone “Calypso” (quartz)


A master bath should always be a place that makes you feel at home. The beautiful white & grey tones in this bathroom give a clean and bright feeling to a space that gets used throughout the day. With a fun, yet traditional, herringbone tile floor and a spacious tile shower, this space might end up being a room you’d hate to leave in the morning.

Vanity countertop: Honed White Carrara

Bathroom floor tile: Carrara series 4×12 porcelain tile set in a herringbone pattern

Shower floor tile: Time 2.0 natural 2×2 “Silver”

Shower wall tile: Carrara series 4×12 porcelain tile set in a subway pattern with AKDO’s Signature glass in “Arctic White” used as an accent

Shower accessories: Honed White Carrara to match bathroom vanity

EG Stoltzfus is using this beautiful home as their single family model in Landis Farm. The garage been converted to a sales office, which has a good-looking and durable LVT floor as well as quartz countertops.

LVT: Mannington Adura Dockside “Pier”

Countertops: Indoor City’s The Avenue “Prince Street” (quartz)

Tile backsplash: Spirited II “Frost” 4×12 glass installed in a subway pattern

What is YOUR favorite feature in this home? We love the hardwood flooring as well as the awesome sliding barn door in the family room.


Parade of Homes #69 – Landis Farm

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