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Samantha Fletcher

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! This year we are seeing a ton of really great design trends in tile. We are seeing bright colors, larger sizes, interesting textures, metallics, and my favorite, geometric patterns! It seems as though every manufacturer is coming out with geometric patterned tiles. I am here today to talk about a few of my favorites and how you can use them to make your space more interesting!


This particular line is really interesting in that the tiles are actually cement. They are all hand-made from white and gray cements, quartz, marble dust, and pigments. They are NOT fired or glazed, and they are left to cure for 28 days in a misting room where they are constantly misted with water to make them strong.

The selection of geometric patterns from Noga is pretty extensive. They have some really intricate patterns, but they also have some really simple geometric patterns, that when the tile is arranged correctly, can create a really interesting surface. Here are a few of my favorites!


SIMPATICO by Crossville

The Simpatico line by Crossville is a new and different take on geometric patterns. This line features 4 different dimensional, geometric pattern options in 12”x24” tiles, with varying finishes. This tile would be a simple, yet stylish way to spruce up any feature wall!

ESSENTIAL by Inedita

Essential by Inedita is a recent release that features a variety of geometric, 3-dimensional tiles in just a few, very simplistic colors. Depending on the pattern that the tiles are installed, you can create a variety of different looks. Check out this shape used a few different ways.

Are you wanting to incorporate some of these products into your project but not quite sure how? Schedule a design consultation with any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help! To learn more about tile options, visit our tile page.

If you would like to work with Samantha or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.

Trending in 2018: Geometric Tiles

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Heather Vance

There is nothing better than snuggling up around a warm fire in December. Even better, is decorating your fireplace mantle for the Holidays to make an even cozier feel. If you have a real wood burning fireplace, gas or even just a faux insert, the options to decorate are endless.

Elegant Gold:

These gold accents really bring out the colors of the stacked stone with a very traditional, classy look. With adding a wreath above and some tall candelabras, this dresses up the mantle even more. Sprinkle some wrapped gold and white presents around, and your guests will never want to leave!


Natural Garland:

This look you can keep up all winter long to enjoy that coziness. Add some splashes of color around the Holidays with some red or gold ornaments or even some red and gold candles. After the Holidays take them down and leave that natural winter look up until spring. Sprinkling in the white candles will break up all the green.










Traditional Reds:

Red is always the way to go for the Holidays; a warm and inviting color. Tie all those reds together with a few accent colors and make your Mantle the focal point in your home. Cranberry garland or natural garland is always beautiful.


Our Designers at Indoor City can always help with designing around your home! Come into our showroom and we can find ways to spruce up the fireplace for your Holiday décor!

Schedule a design consultation with Heather, or any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help when it comes to design elements.

Fireplace Mantles for the Holidays

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Indoor City

Christmas is only a few days away and we know what you’re thinking, why am I sitting here reading this blog instead of cleaning and prepping the rest of my house? We know, you have parties to plan for, family to host, and a house to decorate. It just so happens that we have a few tips on some last minute decorations. Reward yourself with a little break from all the holiday madness, take a deep breath, and find some inspiration from these little projects!

Throw broken pieces of your tree and some cranberries in a tall vase, add water, a floating candle, and you’ve got yourself a beautiful centerpiece.


Oranges and clementines can be very festive during the holidays. Add some to a bundle of pinecones and branches for a festive holiday table spread.


We love this holiday trend! Put some leftover ornaments in a crystal bowl, jar, or vase and you have some festive decorations to place around the house!


Place these at each table setting for some personalized Christmas décor! It doesn’t get any easier than ribbon, candy canes, and name cards!



Last Minute Christmas Decorations

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Shannon Hockenberry

This time of year always sparks a little DIY fire in my soul. It’s fun & easy to make holiday decorations for your home and I’ve rounded up a few cute projects to tackle now that the weather has gotten chillier. Grab a cup of coffee, your hot glue gun, and get crafty!

| DIY Rustic Felt Christmas Tree

I remember growing up doing a lot of projects with felt in art class. This adorable DIY brings back some of those memories! I especially love the rustic feel that the stacked wood slices give.


| Deer Wood Slice Ornaments 

Speaking of wood slices… these adorable ornaments are perfect little crafts you can do with the whole family. Use a variety of patterns to really personalize each ornament!


| DIY Christmas Wreath Ornament 

Okay, how adorable are these mini Christmas wreaths? This is a great little DIY you can use as stocking stuffers, or even little trinkets to add to a gift bag!


| Pinecone Christmas Trees

Put those corks to good use with these little pinecone Christmas trees. You may not even have to buy anything to do this project!


Kid-Friendly DIY Crafts:

| Minion Homemade Christmas Ornament

We know how minion obsessed some of your little ones are! Here is a VERY easy DIY ornament you can do with them!


| Ski Ornaments 

It’s always so fun to have ornaments that speak to every family member’s personality. Give your ski savvy mom, dad, aunt, uncle, brother… this DIY ski ornament!


| Birdseed Christmas Ornament

It’s always fun to decorate the inside of the house for the holidays, but it’s the people who take it outside that really know how to do the holidays right! This Christmas tree birdseed ornament is definitely a step in the right direction.


| Peanut Snowman Ornament 

Make this cute little peanut ornament with your little peanut! A happy Christmas tree is filled with memory filled ornaments made by your little ones.



Holiday DIY & Crafts

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Indoor City

It’s almost here! The holiday that sadly gets overlooked by the people who put on their Santa hats the day after Halloween. The holiday that brings the family together, over a table of delicious food. The holiday that reminds us to reflect on the things we are thankful for… THANKSGIVING!

One of our favorite parts about Thanksgiving is being able to gather with family and bond over delicious comfort food. Thanks to Pinterest, we have access to a cornucopia of amazing holiday recipes. You’ve worked so hard on that dream kitchen of yours. Now, put that beautiful kitchen to good use this Thanksgiving and try out some of these delectable dishes! Here is a list we put together to help you get started:


| Pumpkin Themed Deviled Eggs

A popular favorite at any party, deviled eggs are the perfect finger food to hold your guests over while they wait for the main course. This recipe adds a seasonal twist to this classic favorite. It’s the same delicious flavor with just a little added effort that even the littlest of guests will love!


| Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Another classic Thanksgiving dish taken to the next level! At our table, mashed potatoes are always highly anticipated. It’s a dish of which we never have leftovers. Add garlic AND parmesan into the mix and we guarantee that you’ll have the family thinking about this savory dish all year!


| Green Bean Casserole (Vegan)

This one is for all our vegan friends out there! Sure, Thanksgiving is about all the wonderful eats, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be healthy. Here is a green bean casserole recipe that won’t leave you feeling guilty. Yes, we will probably eat all the calories for the day, and then some… but at least they’re coming from healthy foods!


| Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Dip

…and now that we’ve talked about eating healthy, we’d also like to say that it’s okay to splurge a little bit on Thanksgiving! Pumpkin Pie is a holiday must. Now, add cheesecake into the mix, then turn it into a delicious dip, and you’ve got yourself a crowd pleaser! We’ll see if there will be any left when the day is over.


|Sparkling Apple Cider Sangria 

Finally, because you’ve worked so hard slaving over a hot stove, a seasonal sangria you can toast your thanks to! We can’t think of a more perfect and refreshing way to end a day full of family and food!

A Recipe for a Perfect Thanksgiving

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Indoor City

Pumpkins, ghosts, and MOUNDS of candy can only mean one thing – Halloween is creeping up on us, yet again! Now, we know that there are some people out there who are Halloween fanatics. So we have some great tips to help you renovate your beautiful home into a haunted Halloween mansion. Okay… maybe we don’t specialize in haunted countertops and flooring, but we do have some subtle ways for you to bring the spirit of Halloween into your home all year round. No, we don’t have a specific Halloween line we roll out the way Target does every October, but if you look closely, we do have some beautiful vinyl, carpet, tile, stone, and wood products that will do the trick! Take a look at some of these “haunted” pairings.

Luxury Vinyl:




Countertops: Brick:



A Halloween Home

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Samantha Fletcher

With July 4th right around the corner, we are here to show you how you can use red, white, and blue tile in your home to perfectly capture your patriotic spirit.



This sharp red wave tile by Glazzio Tiles does a beautiful job at replicating the waving of the flag in the wind! This tile would look beautiful used as a bold backsplash along with white cabinets.



In tile, there are limitless options when it comes to the color white. You have ceramic tile, marble tile, glass tile, etc. But nothing comes close to the pureness and beauty of a white Thassos marble. This product, from Akdo, is a 2”x8” glossy marble tile that glistens in the light. This tile would be beautiful anywhere, but we would love to see it used in a bathroom like shown below!



Blue is a pretty uncommon color for tile, but we have this fun, classic, penny round tile in a bold royal blue color. This tile, by Arvex Mosaics, could be used for a variety of things like your bathroom floor or even as a bold accent wall. It even seems to mimic the blue and white stars on the flag when used with a white or silver grout!


Like what you see? Come in to Indoor City and let us help you display your stars and stripes!



Patriotic Tiles and Styles

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Shannon Hockenberry

Let’s face it; as holiday season ramps up to full speed, you’d love to have a new kitchen or new floors throughout the house to show off in time for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Realistically speaking, however, unless you’ve already got the installation started or scheduled it’s probably going to be tough. If that’s the case, there’s a good chance you can have you improvements finished by the time the holidays get here. If not, between planning to host family and friends, shopping and the daily grind there isn’t much time to consult, plan and have work done. Designing, ordering, scheduling and actually doing an installation takes careful planning and time. But don’t give up! Here’s a few ideas that can get a remodel started, or at least change the look of your home in time for the season!

  1. Stop in between shopping trips! Take a few minutes to look around the showroom or speak to one of our designers; just getting some inspiration or thoughts doesn’t take that long and can at least get the planning stage started.
  2. Keep it simple! We have a great selection of area rugs; sometimes something as simple as a new rug and a couple other small changes (drapes, throw pillows) can transform a room!
  3. Clean, clean, clean! You’d be surprised how much better your floors, carpeting or counter tops can look with a thorough cleaning. We have a huge array of products to clean carpeting, hardwood and tile to make them look like new!

There you have it; yes, it may be possible to sit down with us, plan a room and it could be done by Thanksgiving or Christmas – after all we like to think we’re good at what we do! But if time constraints make Spring a more realistic target to start designing a remodel with us, try the tips we mentioned and you can still dazzle your guests for the holidays!

Home (Improvement) for the Holidays

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