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Amanda Voloshin

Add safety to your home when you upgrade to cordless lift on select
Graber window treatments.

September 1 – October 31, 2016

Safety is their top priority

Graber is working constantly to improve processes, maximize benefits, and above all, ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Everyone wants window treatments that are as safe as they are beautiful. With the Best for Kids-certified cordless options, enjoy peace of mind alongside exquisite design.

Graber has added specific features to their exceptional window treatments, to protect consumers from potentially serious accidents. Tension pulleys, tie-down devices, tassel ends, and their cordless and motorized lift options offer ultimate safety.

 Read more about the safety features and their recommendations for cord safety.


Graber Free Cordless Lift

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Amanda Voloshin

This unique, 3-panel door gives these homeowners a great view to their back deck and wooded backyard, and it USED to also give them headaches when the afternoon sun was shining in blindingly and harming their hardwood floors. This gave us the opportunity to do a beautiful custom treatment.

With such a great view to the outdoors, these avid bird watchers normally want nothing covering these doors, so they wanted something that would be easy to operate and low profile so when they wanted the shades up they were practically hidden. The combination of roller shades and a wood cornice did the job nicely.


Up-close, you can see the soft woven texture of the roller shades, which ties in nicely with the soft green wall color and view of the outdoors. By matching the color of the new wood cornice to their existing white casing and doors, the cornice blends in like it was a part of the room all along! The keystone on the wood cornice is not only decorative, but also necessary for such a wide span.


Shown in this photo, you’ll see the only thing visible when the shades are up is the continuous-cord-loop operating lift systems for the center and left panel. This corded-loop system makes roller shades easy to operate on long windows, where it’s hard to reach, so they are perfect for the 2 fixed-panels of this door!



Custom 3-Panel Shade Treatment

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Amanda Voloshin

Window shades can be decorative, functional, or both. Shades are intended to diffuse the light entering the room. Graber is leading the industry with the softest fabrics available today. They have a variety of shade styles such as cellular, natural woven, pleated, roller and solar.

Cellular Shades

Graber CrystalPleat® Cellular Shades are a stylish way to boost the energy efficiency of your home. Offering excellent sound absorption, cellular shades also reduce noise in rooms with hard flooring, or help lessen noise caused by street traffic. If you don’t have newer windows with low-E coating, you’ll want to add a window treatment that helps reduce harmful UV rays that fade furniture and flooring. Graber offers cellular shades with soft spun-laced fabrics that block 97% of UV rays in room darkening, light filtering, and blackout qualities. These different light filtering qualities are what allows you to diffuse the light and add privacy to your preference. We like to suggest cellular shades in bedrooms and bathrooms where privacy is a must.

Natural Woven Shades

Graber Tradewinds® Natural Shades are constructed from organic, renewable resources, including bamboo, jute, and grasses. Optional Liners can be added to give more privacy and light control. The beauty of these natural products is that there can be lots of variation and overtime the product will patina naturally. Natural Shades work great in kitchens and living areas because they bring a soft and casual feeling of the outdoors to the space.



Pleated Shades

Graber Pleated Shades add depth and structure to traditional shades through evenly spaced, crisp folds of fabric. They are available in many stunning textiles, from sheer and light-filtering to opaque. Tailor these shades to your preference for privacy and light control. Graber just added dozens of new colors and fabrics, new cell sizes, and more options for customization! We recommend these shades to anyone looking for an economical and stylish window shade because they can add personality to any room.



Roller Shades

Graber LightWeaves® Roller Shades are an easy-to-operate window shade that can easily match any type of décor. You’ll be adding a sophisticated flair when you choose from the designer fabrics which are offered in a multitude of hues, patterns, and textures. Fabrics are offered in sheer, light filtering, room darkening, and blackout fabrics so that you can determine the amount of light entering your space. In addition to hue and pattern, you can also choose to embellish these treatments with extra finishing touches like a scalloped trim and beaded or gimp trim. We like to suggest roller shades in kitchens because of their practicality and superior style.


Solar Shades

Graber LightWeaves® Solar Shades are a stylish, yet classic, shade option that will protect against glare and UV rays while maintaining the vista outside your window. This is great for homeowners who don’t want to lose the view out of their windows even when the shade is pulled down. Solar shades will help absorb the heat coming through the window, making them a great option if you have older windows. Available in a multitude of fabrics, they can turn a room into a statement or perfectly compliment traditional décor. In addition to fabric style, you can also choose the weight and opacity of the fabric according to how you would like to regulate the light. These window treatments are not good for rooms that need privacy.

Window Treatments: Shades

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Amanda Voloshin

Window blinds are comprised of horizontal slats whose angle may be altered to let in more or less light. Blinds can be basic, or they can be a statement piece. Graber offers a variety of blind styles to fit your needs in products such as fabric, wood, faux wood, and horizontal.

Fabric Blinds

Graber’s Sorenta Soft Horizontal Blinds are a new take on classic blinds. These blinds are made of lightweight fabric that is durable, whisper-quiet, and virtually maintenance-free. Fully open, Sorenta Blinds allow the sunshine to stream into your room. Tilted closed, they grant full privacy while bathing your space in diffused daylight. Forgiving, flexible slats bend with you, and then gently bounce back into position. Because they are moisture resistant, we recommend these fabric blinds in any room, even high-humidity rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.


Wood Blinds

Graber Traditions Wood Blinds add warmth and beauty to your living spaces. From rustic to ultramodern, wood can take on a variety of paint and stain colors, setting the tone for your living spaces and carrying an aesthetic theme from room to room. Wood blinds won’t create static charge, meaning that dust won’t be attracted to them. The beauty of wood blinds is their natural tendencies and slight color variation, and you should expect them to lighten over time from sunlight. Not recommended in a humid space, we think wood blinds are great accents for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.


Faux Wood Blinds

Transform any room with Graber Faux Wood Blinds and Graber Traditions Composite Blinds. Faux wood blinds offer a sturdy, strong, and cost-effective way to decorate your home. They are an affordable alternative to wood, easy-to-clean, and engineered to withstand moisture. Traditions® Composite Blinds give you the look you want with the strength and resilience you need. Composite blinds combine the extraordinary look of wood with extra durability, making them a perfect addition to high humidity areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, or laundry rooms. Where traditional wood blinds are not recommended, these perform beautifully.


Horizontal Blinds

Graber offers economical horizontal blinds that make a subtle statement. Aluminum blinds feature an anti-static finish that repels dust and resists scratches and stains while designer vinyl blinds offer extra-thick PVC slats for improved privacy, durability, and energy efficiency. Horizontal blinds come in varying slat sizes so you can create the look that perfectly fits the scale of your window. Larger slats provide a clearer view.

Window Treatments: Blinds

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Amanda Voloshin

Composite or Wood Shutters are available in a wide assortment of paints, stains, options, and upgrades. Graber Traditions® Composite Shutters bring the classic, refined look of shutters to rooms that require a particularly durable solution. Designed to not warp, fade, crack, or peel, these shutters are built to withstand the rigors of a busy household. Perfect for high-humidity areas, they are ideal in kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms. Traditions® Wood Shutters can add warmth and beauty to your living spaces. Made from exceptional North American hardwoods, these shutters are an investment in style and quality. The result is a look of unsurpassed elegance and natural splendor. Not recommended in a humid space, wood shutters are great accents for bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

If you’re feeling like shades or blinds will leave your windows feeling a little plain, you can easily make your windows feel more “finished” by layering with fabric treatments. Some fabric treatments are purely there for decoration only, because fabrics soften the architectural lines of windows, but they can also add insulation and other qualities to your windows.


Window Treatments: Shutters

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Amanda Voloshin

Fabric window treatments can be decorative, functional, or both. They can be used by themselves, or layered with other treatments for a softer feeling. Graber offers an exclusive collection of sophisticated fabrics and elegant details to fill your needs for Drapery, Roman Shades, and Top Treatments.


Graber Artisan Drapery is created with you in mind. Frame your windows with drapery that either falls straight down, hovers near a sill, or puddles on the floor – and choose liners and headers that match your décor style. Do you want panels that are simply just decorative and won’t operate? You can choose to go with just Decorative Panels, a more economical option, to flank your windows. If you’d like to be able to draw the drapery closed for added privacy, you’ll want to choose Drapery Panels. We like to suggest drapery in bedrooms, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Roman Shades

Add volume and soft folds of fabric to your room when you choose Graber Roman Shades. Choose a classic flat style for a look that’s clean and chic, or add graceful dimension with richly folded waterfalls. Choose from looped Roman, classic flat Roman, seamless Roman, pleated Roman, and balloon styles. These fabric shades work well for almost any window and are especially ideal for situations where full-length drapes or curtains aren’t feasible, such as bathrooms, windows above a kitchen sink, and window seats.

Top Treatments

Graber Artisan Top Treatments are a great way to add a distinct design element to the top of your window. They can be used in addition to other blind or shade treatments, or paired with matching drapery. Choose from an elegant array of contoured cornices, scalloped or pleated valances, and lilting swags and cascades.

Fabric Window Treatments

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Amanda Voloshin

Why is it important to consider the way your new window treatments will be operated?

You want strength and durability, exceptional quality, and something that’s as beautiful as they are functional. That’s why Graber is working constantly to improve processes, maximize benefits, and above all, ensure your safety and the safety of your family. Not only do you need to think about children and pets in the home, but the location and how much you’ll be opening and closing the treatments. These factors will help determine the lift operating system. We always recommend upgrading to cordless for safety and aesthetic reasons, but there are instances where we’d suggest other lift systems. Here’s some helpful insight as to which lift system to choose:


Standard Cord Lock

This standard corded option is the basic operating lift system in the Graber blinds and shades. You will notice that when operating treatments with a cord, the cord will “grow” in length when the window treatment is raised. Corded treatments are recommended for wide windows to help lift the weight of heavy treatments. Cords are always visible, and can be a safety hazard. You should consider another lift option if there are pets and children in the home, and cords should never be used in children’s rooms.



Cordless window treatments are the most popular choice to have in your home. Not only are they the safest lift option available, but they are also the most aesthetically pleasing. No one likes to look at cords that can become tangled or knotted. Keep in mind, if you want to be able to fully open and close the window treatment, you’ll have to be able to reach the top of the window easily. Cordless option may not available in all window treatments, depending on the width and weight of the window treatment.


Continuous Loop Chain

Wide windows and windows that have heavy treatments can greatly benefit from having a continuous loop chain. Unlike the standard cordlock option, this looped chain does not “grow” when pulled, it simply moves around a circular motion. By being mounted to the window casing, it’s out of site and not obstructing your view through the window. It’s great for windows that you need to operate but the whole window is not easy to access, like behind your kitchen sink for example.



Graber® motorized blinds and shades offer you the ultimate in simplicity, safety and style. Whether from a handheld remote, wall switch or programmable timer, you can take complete control of your home’s window coverings from virtually any room and at any time. Motorization is ideal for homes with children or pets, as it is a safer alternative than accessible cords. Smooth, quiet operation is perfect for family rooms, home theaters and bedrooms. Windows that are hard to reach like foyer windows or behind a garden tub are also perfect applications of where to use motorization.



Window Treatment Lift Options

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Amanda Voloshin

Windows can flood rooms with light, or they can be tempered with simple shades, structural top treatments, and cascading curtains. It can be overwhelming and confusing when considering all of the window treatment options that exist. Here at Indoor City, our window treatment specialists are knowledgeable, creative, and attuned to your taste as well as important industry trends. We will work with you to elevate your environment and realize the vision you have for your home. When you choose Graber window treatments to complete the décor of your home, you should expect a superior experience, beginning at the moment of your consultation, and lasting the lifetime of the products.


We’ll start by asking these questions:
-How will the space be used?
-Are there children or pets in the home?
-Is privacy a primary concern?
-How much light control do you need?
-Do you want to maintain a view?

-Do you open the windows frequently?

To read more about each window treatment style, see our blog posts about each style:



How do you find the perfect balance for aesthetics and function? Consider the way that the window treatment operates. Do you have windows that you can’t reach, but need to be able to operate the window treatment? Rest assured that our window treatment specialists take that into consideration as well. Especially important if you have young children in your home, you’ll want to consider Graber products with added safety features. Click here to find out more about the available operating options.

Let our window treatment specialists create custom combinations of Graber products to complement your décor and complete any room design. Setup a free consultation with our window treatment specialists today!

Window Treatment Options

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