Ceramic and Natural Stone

Ceramic and Natural Stone

Layout and design

We urge all customers to be present at the time of installation to discuss and review placement of tile, decos, listellos, chair rails etc. While the estimator and sales person will draw a diagram showing the layout for the installers, we highly recommend the customer be present for at least the start of the job. Indoor City is not responsible for layout or design issues if a customer is not present to meet the installer at the time of installation. No changes can be made after the tile is installed.


All tile and stone will vary in color and shading. Tile shading will vary during firing depending on the color, style, body and texture of the material. Natural products such as travertine, marble, granite and stone are guaranteed to show variations. Each lot is different, which is part of the beauty of a natural product. Please be aware of the amount of shading in the product you have selected as it greatly affects the look of the finished design. Be sure you review your selection carefully with your salesperson if variation is a concern.

Trim/Bullnose/Decos/Hand painted tiles

These products are designed to coordinate with, not match your tile. They are often made at different times and in different factories. Natural products are particularly susceptible to trim color variations. Bullnose often varies slightly from the field tile. The trims that are necessary for each job are carefully selected for function as well as design esthetic.

Grout Haze

After tile/stone is installed a haze from the grouting process may become noticeable. This is normal and can easily be removed with water and a sponge. Please be aware that the grout needs at least 48 hours to cure. Cleaning should be delayed for 24-48 hours.