Meet Our Design Team

Emily Fella

Emily is passionate about bringing her clients' dream homes to life. She feels honored to be part of this process.

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Shannon Smith

Shannon, Indoor City's design manager, believes in living spaces that bring comfort and happiness to life.

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Megan Zaun

Megan, our interior designer, makes stressful decisions easier and specializes in various types of tile and stone.

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Kim Gable

Kim enjoys transitional styles and is a believer that a home should tell a story.

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Samantha Anastasio

Samantha, an interior designer at Indoor City, has an eye for modern-chic, transitional, and rustic designs.

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Corinne Gilbert

Corinne is a designer and member of Indoor city's sales team. She caters well with clients' lifestyle and budget.

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JoAnn Barton

Jo Ann, a designer and member of Indoor City's sales team, is a color expert ready to find your perfect look.

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Bob Miller

Bob is on Indoor City's sales team, and specializes in estimations and customer service.

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