We all love a beautiful hardwood look, but let’s be honest, we can’t always put it in all the rooms we want to. I mean – look at this crazy idea. Hardwood in a bathroom? That’s a disaster waiting to happen, right? Well, take an even closer look and you’ll see that this isn’t hardwood at all! It’s a wood-look tile that’s taking the world by storm.


The wood-look tile trend isn’t anything new. Actually, it’s been trending for quite some time now. This trend is continuing to rise and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here are 4 rising trends using the wood-look tile.

1.) Herringbone patterns

| This stunning pattern is a great way to spice up and modernize the classic hardwood look.


Picture by taken from Armstrong Flooring. 


2.) Reclaimed wood look

| From barn wood to aged painted wood planks, this rustic look adds character to any room.

Picture by taken from MSI Stone. 


3.) Whitewashed looks & bright hued planks

| Whitewashed wood-look tile gives your room a lighter and brighter feel.


Picture by taken from Happy Floors. 


4.) Cross grain wood

| Get the beauty of rings and the texture of natural wood in a tile.


Picture by taken from Happy Floors. 


Thanks to wood-look tile, the hardwood look just became a lot more versatile! We’re excited to see where this trend will lead. All these ideas are making us excited for our next wood-look tile project!