How long have you worked at Indoor City?
Four years on October 1.

Portrait of interior Designer Corinne Gilbert

What was one of your favorite projects that you worked on
during your time at Indoor City?
An amazing addition for an amazing woman. At 90 she had her “mid-life crisis” and put a large, Bauhaus inspired addition on to her existing two hundred plus year old farmhouse. She’s brilliant, vital and exudes a joie de vie not found in many people of any age and the addition reflects her spirit!


What made you want to be a designer?
I’ve been interested in beauty, in all its forms, my whole life so it just makes sense to be a part of creating beautiful homes for our clients. Our homes are our sanctuaries and should bring us peace and pleasure. My job is to help our customers realize their own dream space.


Tell us a fun fact about yourself:
I rarely watch television and read constantly.

Describe your perfect pizza
Very thin crust, tangy sauce and really good cheese. Preferably baked in a wood fired oven. Rosa Rosa had the best! I hope they return!


If you would like to work with Corinne or any of our designers contact us to talk about bringing your ideas to life.