Hello, my name is

Emily Fella


Emily applies her passion for design and creativity to help bring to life the spaces of which clients have only dreamed.

Emily Fella

A little about me
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With a background in Interior Architecture and Design, Emily is honored to assist in the process of designing and helping clients in selecting the materials and products that help to make their space one of a kind.

Emily graduated from Marywood University, where she received a degree in Interior Architecture and Design. She began her career working in the kitchen and bath design industry. Her favorite part about being a designer is getting the opportunity to work closely with her clients to create a beautiful space that they can enjoy and love. Emily has been with Indoor City since November of 2016.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys spending time with her cat Ella, her family and her friends. She also loves traveling, spending time at the gym and reading up on the latest interior design trends.

Favorite Product

AKDO Allure Charisma Calacatta Collection

Favorite Ice Cream

Almond Joy

Fall is Here

  Aaah, autumn, what a sweet relief from the summer heat and humidity. Crisp temperatures and the earlier arrival of evening send us scurrying indoors to enjoy the pleasure and comforts of our homes. If your home could use a little more comfort, now is the perfect time to realize that dream of installing cozy carpets over beautiful wood floors. Or how about indulging in a rejuvenated bathroom to enjoy hot showers and baths to soothe your mind and body. Or perhaps a bright and shining kitchen upgrade is on your wish list. Imagine having hot chocolate and fresh baked cookies with the children around a new island or maybe wine and cheese with a few friends. A welcoming environment enhances the joy we share with one another as we gather daily and the upcoming holiday season.           Stop by our beautiful showroom and let one of our talented designers help you achieve the style you envision for your home. We’ll help you plan your space, assist you during the selection process, and coordinate the installation between you and our gifted tradesmen and women. We can help you transform your home into the warm, beautiful haven you and yours will enjoy for years to come!

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Trending with Teal

There is no doubt that gray color schemes have been a recent and popular trend in the world of interior design. I often get asked by my clients if gray is a color that I foresee going out of style. I often express that because it is a neutral, much like black and white, that it will always be a staple color for any design. However, that does not mean that you should be afraid to incorporate color within your neutral palette. As a designer, my job is to always be on the cusp of what is new and trending. A color that I have noticed becoming rather popular and may soon take the stage as the next hot trend is the color teal. From a psychological stand point, teal is representative of soothing balance and calmness. Because teal is a combination of blue and green, both light wavelengths, our eyes require little to no adjusting which is perhaps why the color evokes feelings of tranquility. A brand new product that has all of the designers here at Indoor City eager to use, is the Lagoon Series, from AKDO’s Signature Glass line. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful shades of teal that I have ever seen. This product is currently available in field tile and mosaic formats including a 3×6, 3×12, a 1×4 herringbone, a 2×2, and a staggered listello. How fun would a tile like this be for a butler’s pantry backsplash? What a great way to add some color! Rumored to hit the market this coming fall is a teal/blue hardwood floor from Anderson. Featured at the Shaw East-Coast 2017 Winter Market. I had the privilege to experience this product in person. We cannot wait to get our hands on this! This engineered hardwood, like most…

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