Hello, my name is

Heather Vance


“Helping my clients pull all their ideas together is such a joy for me. A lot of times they have such great ideas”


Heather Vance

A little about me
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Heather Vance studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of York, PA. She has had several years of experience in the commercial world of construction. She worked at a general contractor here in Lancaster. Then decided to focus more on the design world of flooring, tile, and countertops. She loves being able to help people pull all their design ideas together.

Heather lives in Lancaster with her fiancé Conor and loves spending time with her friends and family. Her and Conor have a furry child, a chocolate lab named Briley. She loves traveling, running, boating and spending time outdoors.

Favorite Product

Heaven Mosaic tile from the Escape Collection by Riviera Tileworks

Favorite Ice Cream

DQ Blizzard

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