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Heather Vance


“Helping my clients pull all their ideas together is such a joy for me. A lot of times they have such great ideas”


Heather Vance

A little about me
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Heather Vance studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of York, PA. She has had several years of experience in the commercial world of construction. She worked at a general contractor here in Lancaster. Then decided to focus more on the design world of flooring, tile, and countertops. She loves being able to help people pull all their design ideas together.

Heather lives in Lancaster with her fiancé Conor and loves spending time with her friends and family. Her and Conor have a furry child, a chocolate lab named Briley. She loves traveling, running, boating and spending time outdoors.

Favorite Product

Heaven Mosaic tile from the Escape Collection by Riviera Tileworks

Favorite Ice Cream

DQ Blizzard

Surviving a Home Renovation

Spring is in the air, birds are chirping and the sun is feeling stronger. Now is the time we come out of our winter hibernation and start thinking about our homes and renovating. Fear not, a home renovation can be a daunting process but here are some survival tips on making it through the process. Mentally Prepare Yourself for Chronic Chaos. When working on a home you never know what you may run into. Newer homes tend to lead to less problems, but when you get to older homes there can be many mysteries under those finishes. Be patient and expect things to be a little nutty. Older homes didn’t have to be built to the same codes and standards that we have today. Take Steps to Minimize the Spread of ALL THAT DUST! There is going to be dust and a ton of it. Take all your small items out of cabinets, books off book shelves, and put them all away in boxes. Store these boxes in an area of your home that will not be worked on. Cover all furniture with old sheets that can be easily washed after. Many times, your contractor will put up plastic sheet to help keep the dust in the area they are only working it. This will help, but it still finds its way out, unfortunately. By putting all your items away and covering things, this will help the cleanup process in the end. Prepare Yourself to Make Quick Decisions You are in the middle of your bathroom tear out, you had planned on moving a wall, and you run into a mystery pipe. Don’t worry! Being ready to make those quick decisions will help you with things like this. Have a list of plumbers, electricians and HVAC companies on hand (if…

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Fireplace Mantles for the Holidays

There is nothing better than snuggling up around a warm fire in December. Even better, is decorating your fireplace mantle for the Holidays to make an even cozier feel. If you have a real wood burning fireplace, gas or even just a faux insert, the options to decorate are endless. Elegant Gold: These gold accents really bring out the colors of the stacked stone with a very traditional, classy look. With adding a wreath above and some tall candelabras, this dresses up the mantle even more. Sprinkle some wrapped gold and white presents around, and your guests will never want to leave!   Natural Garland: This look you can keep up all winter long to enjoy that coziness. Add some splashes of color around the Holidays with some red or gold ornaments or even some red and gold candles. After the Holidays take them down and leave that natural winter look up until spring. Sprinkling in the white candles will break up all the green.                   Traditional Reds: Red is always the way to go for the Holidays; a warm and inviting color. Tie all those reds together with a few accent colors and make your Mantle the focal point in your home. Cranberry garland or natural garland is always beautiful.   Our Designers at Indoor City can always help with designing around your home! Come into our showroom and we can find ways to spruce up the fireplace for your Holiday décor! Schedule a design consultation with Heather, or any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help when it comes to design elements.

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