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Kim Gable

Kim loves working on projects with “transitional” styles. She is a firm believer that your home should tell your story & not just reflect one style. Kim has had the privilege of working closely with many of the area’s top designers which has helped her establish long lasting relationships in the field.

Kim Gable

A little about me
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Kim has been with Indoor City since 2010. Coming most recently from Banta Tile and Marble, she has an extensive background working with natural stone and tile projects.

Kim grew up in South Jersey, graduated from WVU with a Bachelors degree in Interior Design. She has worked at several of Lancaster County’s premier furniture and flooring companies as well as operated her own business while her children were growing up. In her spare time, you may find Kim putting finishing touches on the “Builder’s Special” home she & her husband turned into their Craftsman Cottage.  She also enjoys checking out various libraries researching family history, tending to the gardens at her church, vacationing at the Jersey Shore, or spending special time with her grandchildren.

Favorite Product

Antrim's Shilo Collection in Pebble

Favorite Ice Cream

Turkey Hill Southern Lemon Pie

Color Psychology

Basic Principles of Color We are surrounded every day by color. Do you ever wonder how that affects our thoughts and our moods? Many marketing and psychological tests have been performed trying to discover these very principles. Color is a very important tool used by designers. After all, when used in a space it can bring out emotion, alter a mood, or just make you feel good. Did you know that shades of red are said to increase your appetite? If you want your guests to stay awhile and enjoy your cooking, maybe you should paint your dining room a deep shade of burgundy. It has also been found that blues tend to be calming and soothing. Schools should keep that in mind when bringing colors into the students’ environment. For most people, yellow instills happy and cheerful thoughts. Although, years ago my daughter conducted a science fair project based on the psychology of color & she found one family who said that yellow made them sad. Green is found everywhere in nature. Hence, olive or sage tones are often associated with relaxation. In this crazy world we are currently experiencing, perhaps our homes need to be more of a comforting retreat. Black, can be the perfect accent for just about any other color. It is often associated with affluence. Black adds a touch of drama that many rooms could stand a little bit of.         Of course, these observations do not necessarily apply to everyone. Past experience and associations can play a big part in how a person is influenced by color but it certainly gives us, as designers, something to think about. Our Designers at Indoor City can always help with your interior design project! Come into our showroom and we can find ways to…

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Man Cave Design Ideas

Design Ideas for the Perfect “Man Cave”. Just what is needed for the perfect guy hang out you might ask? Food & Drink — granite or quartz countertops give durability to any bar area-no worries about spills or messes. Comfort — you’ll sink your feet into this shag carpet from Kane. Made of stain resistant, colorfast Eurolon that will resist the signs of wear & tear. Privacy — Graber’s blinds & shades make watching the big game better as they cut down the glare from the windows on the big screen. Entertainment — imagine practicing your golf swing using your very own putting green. Try installing this artificial turf for those days you can’t be out on the course. What would be the perfect “Man Cave” from a woman’s point of view? Easy to clean — porcelain, glass, & ceramic tiles are available in so many masculine styles & choices, Spices up the space but easy to keep clean. Keep in the noise — laminate is not just for the floor anymore. Try installing it on the walls for a great textured look that also cuts down on the noise made during the great & not great plays. Come visit Indoor City’s extensive showroom and let one of our talented designers help you put together the perfect retreat for your favorite man. Football season will be here before you know it.

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