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Megan Herr

Interior Designer

“I try to make a sometimes stressful decision easier on the customer by providing honest and helpful feedback as well as offer a variety of feasible choices aimed directly to their project.” 

Megan Herr

A little about me
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Megan Zaun Herr studied Interior Design at the Art Institute of York where she graduated with a bachelor’s of science degree. She has had several years of experience in various types of tile and natural stone, as well as a familiarity working closely with other designers and architects. Her favorite part of her job is the feeling she has when a customer has walked out the door pleased and excited about their selections.

Megan currently lives in Lititz and enjoys partaking in the “coolest small town’s” local activities and shopping. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis, antiquing, cooking, painting and watching Netflix.

Favorite Product

Florim's Charleston Collection in Grey

Favorite Ice Cream

Mint Chocolate Chip

In:Design – A Masterful Bath!

My client came in looking to renovate his master bathroom. He wanted a classic look to go along with his home located behind the Lancaster Country Club. Since you can’t get any more classic than Carrara marble and a basket weave design, that was the perfect combination for this redo. Not only did he want his shower installed with floor to ceiling marble, he wanted his whole bathroom finished the same way. The Garden State 3×6 polished marble was the field tile used for this design with Akdo’s Carrara basket weave border located at eye level. The border was a nice visual that carried the eye around the entire space. The basket weave design was also used on the shower floor and with its 1×2“ pattern, provided nice traction for a sometimes slippery area. My favorite part of this bathroom remodel was the marble “area rugs” that were made on site through the mechanisms of myself and our installer, Ted Grumbine. The two rectangular “area rugs” were bordered with a 4” dark Bardiglio marble and centered with the same basket weave mosaic used on the shower floor. The centered “area rug” was bordered with the same basket weave border used on the bathroom walls and filled in with the basket weave mosaic. This center attraction was placed on a 45’ angle which was a perfect placement for when the client enters the bathroom each morning and night. Lastly, two matching washstand style vanities were installed on opposite sides of the bathroom. The chrome legs were offset by the Carrara marble top that Indoor city installed. An ogee edge profile was the perfect silhouette to finish these beautiful pieces.

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Glass Tile Varieties

Glass tile is on the rise and very popular in today’s decorating standards. It can be used for a kitchen backsplash, shower wall tile, an accent wall behind a vanity, and whatever else you can think of! There are many different types of glass tile, all with a very unique look. There is your typical clear or frosted glass tile which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is perfect for that clean, sleek, modern look. My personal favorite application for this type of glass tile is for shower walls, floor to ceiling. Another type of glass tile is crackled glass. This tile is usually manufactured a bit differently but consists of a clay body with small pieces of “broken” glass epoxied on the surface. This particular style has a bit more glamour with its diamond look. Although this is a beautiful material, it does take an extra skilled laborer to cut the tiles and install them. It’s best to super glue the edges once the tile is cut so the flakes of glass don’t fall out. There is also foiled glass, which comes in a field tile variety and encompassed in a mixed mosaic. This tile is typically metallic in tone and varies from bright silvers to deep bronzes. With the foiled look, it almost appears as if the tiles are antiqued and burnished. Lastly, there is marbleized glass tile. This particular style often looks more like marble or a natural material than what it actually consists of. Marbleized tile comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and often times, finishes. Most mosaics come in either a silk/matte finish or a pearl/iridescent finish. Personally, my favorite application for this style is an accent tile, whether it be a whole wall behind a vanity mirror or a…

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