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Samantha Fletcher

Commercial Interior Designer

Samantha loves getting to work with all of the different styles of design as well as experiencing the progression of her design projects.  Getting to see things go from what she and the customer originally imagined to an actual, livable space is one of her favorite things about being a designer.

Samantha Fletcher

A little about me
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Samantha’s interest in art and design started at a very young age and continued through high school and college where she graduated from Philadelphia University, in 2011, with B.S. in Interior Design.  She began her career as a bathroom and kitchen designer and then moved into a position as an architectural drafter.  She started as an Interior Designer with Indoor City in February of 2014.

Samantha’s personal design style can be best described as a combination of modern-chic, transitional, and rustic.  She gets inspiration from magazines, design blogs, and nature.  She lives in Lancaster and in her spare time she likes to spend time with family and friends, do arts & crafts, travel, and go hiking with her dog, Maverick.

Favorite Product

Natural Choreography Collection, Style: Cut 0922V

Favorite Ice Cream

Chocolate Peanut Butter

Trending in 2018: Geometric Tiles

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! This year we are seeing a ton of really great design trends in tile. We are seeing bright colors, larger sizes, interesting textures, metallics, and my favorite, geometric patterns! It seems as though every manufacturer is coming out with geometric patterned tiles. I am here today to talk about a few of my favorites and how you can use them to make your space more interesting! NOGA TILE  This particular line is really interesting in that the tiles are actually cement. They are all hand-made from white and gray cements, quartz, marble dust, and pigments. They are NOT fired or glazed, and they are left to cure for 28 days in a misting room where they are constantly misted with water to make them strong. The selection of geometric patterns from Noga is pretty extensive. They have some really intricate patterns, but they also have some really simple geometric patterns, that when the tile is arranged correctly, can create a really interesting surface. Here are a few of my favorites!    SIMPATICO by Crossville The Simpatico line by Crossville is a new and different take on geometric patterns. This line features 4 different dimensional, geometric pattern options in 12”x24” tiles, with varying finishes. This tile would be a simple, yet stylish way to spruce up any feature wall! ESSENTIAL by Inedita Essential by Inedita is a recent release that features a variety of geometric, 3-dimensional tiles in just a few, very simplistic colors. Depending on the pattern that the tiles are installed, you can create a variety of different looks. Check out this shape used a few different ways. Are you wanting to incorporate some of these products into your project but not quite sure how? Schedule a design consultation with any one…

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In the Spotlight: Shaw Contract, Commercial Carpets

Every year in June, members of the Interior Design world flock to Chicago for North America’s largest and most important design exposition and conference for commercial interiors: NeoCon. More than 700 of the leading companies in the commercial interiors world launch thousands of new products into the market. This year, one of our favorite commercial carpet and flooring providers, Shaw Contract, launched a ton of new products! Two of the product lines, “Active” and “Off the Grid,” are some of our favorite new releases of the year.  .   The “Active” collection utilizes graphic, linear patterns and bold, fluorescent colors in an effort to keep workplace occupants energized and alert. The main inspiration for the styles within the “Active” product line has been derived from the textures, shapes and patterns used in active wear. The design team focused on how those same techniques can be interpreted into flooring that can really activate a space. This collection features four styles in a 12”x48” carpet tile and three brand new fluorescent colors.     The “Off the Grid” collection focuses on bringing nature into our built environments as workplace design trends show a shift towards needing more reflective, calm spaces. This collection features very textural and organic patterns and natural, calming colors. To gain inspiration for “Off the Grid,” the design team headed out into nature to observe organic patterns in things like spider webs and moss. This collection features two broadloom styles and four styles in 12”x48” carpet tiles. To find more information about these products, please visit https://www.shawcontract.com/neocon/  

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