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Shannon Hockenberry

Design Manager

Shannon believes everyone should live in a space that makes them feel happy and comfortable. Life is too short to not love your surroundings!

Shannon Hockenberry

A little about me
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Shannon has been with Indoor City since the Fall of 2012. She graduated from The Art Institute of Seattle with a BFA in Interior Design. Shannon’s prior work experience was centered on ceramic tile, which is her favorite part of the design world. Shannon really enjoys being a part of every stage of a design. She loves helping clients select the colors and materials that people will be living within their homes.

Shannon lives in Manheim with her husband, Mike, her step-son, Eli, and their fluffy dog, Bean. She loves yoga/working out, hand lettering & spending time with her little family on the weekends.

Favorite Product

Isla King Wood Collection

Favorite Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby

Schluter Quadec For Shower Tile & Stone

 An Innovative Installation System For Tile & Stone When it comes to tile installations, there are so many bits and pieces that it can make your head spin. Tile, thin set, decorative accents, moldings, bullnose, grout…… the list could go on and on. Have you ever heard of Schluter? Schluter is an innovative installation system for tile & stone. They offer crack suppression membranes, waterproofing systems and shower drains. They also have a whole line of “profiles” – which are alternatives to bullnose for terminating tile! Today we’re going to take a quick look at my favorite profile that Schluter offers: the Quadec! Photo from Schluter is ‘a finishing and edge protection profile for tiled edges and outside corners of tiled surfaces, and is distinguished by its squared reveal surface.’ Not only does it protect tile edges from chipping, it also offers a sleek design aesthetic for any installation. It is versatile because it can be used on inside or outside corners! Schluter Quadec is available in stainless steel, anodized aluminum, PVC, as well as textured and color-coated aluminum (<—- my favorite). The Trendline Collection offers neutral and modern colors that coordinate with many tile offerings! It’s easy to find a Quadec profile to compliment your tile choice. You can learn more about the Quadec and other profiles on Schluter’s website. Some of my favorite recent installations utilize a Schluter Quadec profile instead of traditional bullnose. What do you think? Our Design Team at Indoor City can show you Schluter Quadec and many other options for your tile project! Visit our showroom and we can make your shower special! Schedule a design consultation with Shannon, or contact any one of our talented designers, as we would love to help when it comes to tile design.

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Find Your Niche – A Look At The Tile Shower Niche

Tile showers are a huge part of what we do here at Indoor City! There are many considerations and steps in planning the perfect tiled shower for your space. Size, layout, tile selections, fixtures… you name it! It can be an overwhelming process. Our team of talented designers are here to help you from the planning phase all the way through installation. A little detail in a tiled shower that can make a BIG impact is the shower niche. A shower niche is a recessed cubby in your shower walls that is meant for holding soaps, shampoos and other shower goodies.   The Preformed Shower Niche Many shower niches (like the Schluter Kerdi Niches pictured above) come as preformed units that are installed between your studs (standard 16” on center) during a shower tile installation. The finished niche is typically 12” wide. They are offered in varying heights – some with additional shelves! These niches come waterproofed and prepped for tile. Check out some of the niches we’ve installed using preformed units.   The Custom Tile Shower Niche If the preformed sizes just don’t work for you, another option would be to have your builder or contractor frame out a custom sized shower niche. This would happen during the framing process of your shower (or would require modification to your existing studs). During the tiling phase, our installers would board in and waterproof your custom niche to prep it for tile. A custom tile niche can really make an impact in your shower (and can offer a bigger ledge for all of your shower products).        Tile Shower Niche Considerations There are many details to consider when planning for a shower niche. Here are seven questions to ask yourself before you start: How big do I need my…

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