Installation Guidelines

Floating Floors

Floating Floor Deflection

Floating floors “rest” on your existing sub-floor. No floor is perfectly level and sometimes floating floors will move or “deflect” when walking in certain areas of a room. Our estimator will check the levelness of your sub-floor to the best of his/her ability. Some issues may be hidden until the removal of existing flooring. Refer to “General Flooring Expectations” sub-floor notes for further information.


Some floating floors are cellular products such as laminate and wood. They will retain and give off moisture. Temperature, moisture and humidity all affect the floorings performance. The ideal temperature of a home should be between 65 & 75 degrees. It is the responsibility of the home owner to maintain correct temperatures and humidity levels in order to keep flooring performing well and looking its best.


These products are designed to coordinate with your floor, but are sometimes not exact matches. They are often made and in different factories and vary according to the material. The trims that are necessary for each job are carefully selected for function as well as design esthetic.