Installation Guidelines



Wood is a cellular product. It will retain and give off moisture. Temperature, moisture and humidity all affect hardwood. The ideal temperature of a home should be between 65 & 75 degrees. The ideal humidity level should be between 35% – 55%. It is the responsibility of the home owner to maintain correct temperatures and humidity levels in order to keep flooring performing well and looking its best.

Seasonal Gapping/Checking/Cupping

Seasonal gapping is simply small gaps that appear and disappear in flooring as the seasons change. This is a normal condition and cannot be prevented. Checking is a condition that causes some minor cracking in the finish appearing mostly near the ends of boards. This is a common occurrence and not a defect. It is most common during the change of seasons. Cupping is caused by changes in moisture in or around a home. Cupping is strictly a site issue and is not covered by any warranty Indoor City or the manufacturer provides. It is the home owners’ responsibility to follow temperature and humidity recommendations.

Grade/Variation/Board Lengths

Being a natural product wood will show variation in color. Some species naturally show a significant amount of color and shade variations. Wood will come in short, long, varying lengths or uniform lengths. Once again, this is driven by the species and grade of the product. Our installers are experts and will assure the wood is installed to give the best appearance possible. Be sure you review your selection carefully with your salesperson if any of the above variation issues are a concern.


These products are designed to coordinate with your floor, but are sometimes not exact matches. They are often made in different factories and vary according to the species. The trims that are necessary for each job are carefully selected for function as well as design esthetic.