Luxury Vinyl

Why Choose Vinyl Flooring?

Recent advances in technology make today’s vinyl products more vibrant, durable and easy to maintain. Whether replacing your old kitchen floor, laundry or bath, our professional sales and design team will help you make the right decision. Indoor City offers all the major brands.

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Natural & Luxury Vinyl Tile

Cutting-edge print technology has made it possible for vinyl sheets to look like natural stone or tile, even wood or patterns. This cost effective product has come a long way from what your grandmother had in her kitchen. Get the look of natural stone, hardwood, or porcelain tile without the maintenance, by using one of many LVT products. LVT is the fastest growing segment in flooring today. Being sold in both natural patterns and water resistant qualities, LVT is perfect for kitchens, baths, and basements.

Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Visual Appeal

Modern techniques allow luxury vinyl tile to beautifully reproduce the look of stone, wood, and ceramic tile as well as classic vinyl designs. In most cases it is hard to tell the difference between luxury vinyl and the real thing. And unlike stone tiles there is less variation between colors so matching is easier.

More Comfortable

Luxury vinyl has better heat retention than ceramic tile and stone making it warmer underfoot. These same insulating properties also help to improve the insulation in your home between floors. Vinyl is also softer than wood and stone making it more comfortable to walk and stand on, especially in bare feet!

Sound Absorption

The same insulating features and softness also help absorb sound within the room. The sound absorbing qualities of luxury vinyl flooring are second only to carpet.

Resistant To Water Damage

Unlike carpet and wood, luxury vinyl flooring is water resistant, making it an ideal surface for the bathroom and kitchen. It will not expand, warp, or contract due to moisture and temperature conditions like wood flooring. Since it does not absorb spills, it is also stain resistant.

Easy Maintenance and Care

Wood and vinyl floors can scratch, tile floors can discolor and chip. Today’s luxury vinyl flooring is thicker than traditional vinyl and reinforced with UV-cured urethane that makes the floor not only tough but also easy to clean.

Luxury vinyl flooring will cost more than traditional vinyl flooring but the durability and minimal maintenance requirements often offset the additional costs. Installation is important, however, so make sure you use a trusted design center like Indoor City to help you select and install your new floor.

Vinyl Flooring Brands


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